‘Today’ The Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011 in Korea World Finals
‘Today’ The Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011 in Korea World Finals
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[천지일보=박혜옥 기자] World Finals on 10th May 2011

Seoul City Hall Ground, 6-10PM

Main Media: CheonJi-ilbo

You can see in http://www.newscj.com/news/section.html?section=S1N50

<The Introduction of MGBQ>
This 'Beauty Contest' has a tradition of 23 years internationally and it aims on the global reconciliaion and mutual exchange of international young adults.
Also this Beauty Contest aims to contribute to the traditional and cultural exchange of each country and the environmental campaign of the globe.

<The Introduction of the Cheonji-ilbo>
The Cheonji-ilbo is a daily newspaper that specializes in history, culture and religion. It seeks for social integration and religious harmony, and contributes in spreading the wisdom of the ancestors through history and culture of not only Korea, but also that of the globe.
Particularly, it deals with various religions that have close relationship with culture from the cultural aspect in depth. This could be reassured through the monthly cultural magazine 'Geulmaru' which is of high quality published by Cheonji-ilbo.
Further, it puts an effort to contribute to the public by practicing the spirit of Humanitarianism which contains the idea of being beneficial to human beings.
Also, clean-media Cheonji-ilbo eliminates favoritism and foreruns to be the leading righteous media to have cultural formation. Like this, the philosophy of Cheonji-ilbo is what brought it to be selected as the MGBQ supervising media press.


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