[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] To be a uselessdust or a beautiful dust
[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] To be a uselessdust or a beautiful dust
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Kwang-Seok Kim, a wandering minstrel, who expressed his love to those beloved ones by various poems and songs – an indescribable expression in that he loved those even in the form of a ‘dust’ in order to be with them. Who could envision such terms so beautifully by dust? However when one is asked about his word about dust – that is the reality we are all faced today in the Republic of Korea – politics, economy, society, culture and all other areas have all been exposed to such ‘dust’ environment which we are living in. All the actions of the so-called leaders are more than dust as they all suffocate the lungs of the people of this country.

The confirmation hearing regarding Soon-Shil Choi Gate has ended just this 9th ever since it started last year, and as expected, the core witnesses have unattended and those members of Congress were just so low-quality with foul language continuously in the scene.

Both the political and economic leaders were part of the monopolized antagonists in frustrating Korea, and all of the areas in academics, cultural, sports and many more were involved in monopoly, which has made the country in despair. The final piece of this hopelessness was the ‘confirmation hearing’ which was a fantastically well set-up comedy in a sarcastic way. All of those witnesses, as if all promised together, all testified ‘I do not recall and remember’ which just is too frustrating.

On the opposite side, even those who were questioning the witnesses were also at fault as they were not prepared well enough to question the most adequate and to the point. Moreover, they simply were not qualified enough in terms of basic nature that when they were blocked by all those ‘I do not recall’ answers, those who were questioning also became in the same degree of level in screaming and fighting as if in the children’s playground. Regardless of how frustrating the session goes, they should refrain from personal angers for the best interests of the people and confirmation hearing.

There is not a single person in this country that is not aware of the corruption of this country and its leaders. And it just is so appalling to learn from this confirmation hearing how much these people in the government are incapable as they can’t even control their personal feelings – and how were we able to put our fate in their hands for these 4 years of time? No wonder all these political scandals erupted as a result. 

However, if there is a person in this country who is not aware of such problem, then one must seriously suspect that it must be one of those politicians and leaders of the government. People sincerely wish to have less of those people in the government to lie but to be more truthful, because they put false charges to those who offer right and true actions. All want this nation to be a righteousness one. Lie leads to a bigger lie, thus resulting in a disharmony and conflict within the society. We would like to say a word to the so-called the leaders – if you are one of the people in this nation, and furthermore if you love this nation, wouldn’t it just be correct to think about yourself and see yourself more carefully through the mirror and act accordingly?

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