Social group leader “I witnessed many changes in one month of IPYG peace education”
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[Korean Lee Man Hee True Peace Story│HWPL Re-lighting & Interview <37>] Social group leader “I witnessed many changes in one month of IPYG peace education”

The CheonjiDaily previously highlighted the first to 31st World Peace Tour of Chairman Lee Man-hee of the Heavenly Culture World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL). It examined the detailed provisions of the ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).’ In addition, HWPL’s main peace initiatives, such as the DPCW support activities, alliance of religions, peace education, and youth peace movements, were highlighted. With this issue, we will listen to the reasons for supporting the ‘HWPL Peace Movement’ through personnel from each country actively participating in the HWPL peace movement and revisit its value.

Ratu InokeDrauna ARUKA Fiji's Founder/Director ⓒThe CheonjiIlbo 2022.08.25 (Provided by HWPL)


Ratu InokeDrauna ARUKA Fiji's Founder/Director

[Cheonji Daily = Reporter Lee Som] "By participating in the HWPL's peace activities, I was able to raise awareness of the importance of Peace. With IPYG, many people now focus on themselves as agents of change in their own communities, in their homes. Knowing the HWPL is such a blessing to our organization."

Ratu InokeDrauna(33), who recently conducted an interview through an e-mail, introduced himself as a "Vessel of God enacting His will for His envisioning" He founded a humanitarian civic group called 'ARUKA Fiji' in Fiji, an island nation in the South Pacific, and serves as a director.

ARUKA Fiji is an organization that supports counseling and training programs for abandoned teenagers, prostitutes, and homeless people who are wandering. Director Drauna is actively working by meeting with them in person and meeting with police chiefs and heads of related organizations to discuss how to support them.

In order to make peace from the local community, Director Drauna was introduced to HWPL (Chairman Lee Man-hee) through a friend. Unsurprisingly, He became interested in the peace program, which soon provided an opportunity to work with the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) under the HWPL.

Last year, ARUKA Fiji members preparing to share food with the homeless ⓒThe CheonjiIlbo 2022.08.25 (Provided by Ratu InokeDrauna)

◆“Chairman Lee's speech Made me confident as a peacemaker"

Director Drauna stressed that HWPL and Chairman Lee Man-hee's speech, IPYG's peace program had a good influence on him and ARUKA Fiji.

"It's an honor to join the HWPL. And by participating in this (peace) activities, we were able to raise awareness of the importance of peace in our country." Through Chairman Lee's encouraging speech, we can realize our true purpose as peacemakers with confidence and stand in the midst of conflict and dispute resolution. We also learned how to raise awareness among the public through the (peace) campaign.

He also said that volunteers in ARUKA Fiji have made progress through IPYG's education.

"I believe IPYG is one of the great progress that has enabled many of our volunteers to learn how to raise children, how to know about their importance as parents, and how to be skilled on a particular subject for their own development, IPYG's learning techniques are unique and very flexible in working" Director Drauna said.

As a result, 12 people, including Director Drauna and members of ARUKA Fiji, received training in the Youth Empowerment Peace Class (YEPC), one of the IPYG's activities, and seven of them have completed and continued on cooperation. Currently, many participants have applied for YEPC and are conducting Season 2 training until this September, according to Director Drauna said.

"As a counselor and community facilitator, I believe that education is essential and it started with participation through the IPYG program. Through our collaboration, many people learned about ARUKA Fiji's program, and then many people joined the HWPL."

라투 전무이사가 IPYG 평화교육에서 발언하고 있다. ⓒ천지일보 2022.08.25 (제공: 라투이노케드라우나)

◆“Participants of IPYG's Education now became the agents of change"

Director Drauna recalled that IPYG's peace education worked in real life and worked together with IPYG to do something valuable.

When asked what was the most valuable in cooperation with IPYG, he replied, "It is necessary to learn a lot from each other, especially to have great helpers and to grow together."In particular, he pointed out, "Among them, providing necessary education with our volunteers who can be stigmatized as lazy people in society because they cannot do proper work due to dropping out or not receiving proper education."

He said, With IPYG's education, he witnessed changes through education as a result of closely observing what the volunteers were doing to each other and to others.

"There have been a lot of changes in behavior in a month," he said. "Many people are now focusing on the subject of change in their own communities and families." "The most important part is to share how they themselves have undergone changes in their way of thinking," he added, "This is good because we realized that we have changed."

Director Drauna said,We should develop together by sharing our changes through IPYG's Education. At the end of the interview, he also stressed that peace can be achieved together, not alone but with other peacemakers.

Let’s learn to care and love one another and build on each other’s capacity, not only for our families or relatives but for everyone we might cross path with. Our potential is only seen in the way we stand firm to remove all barriers as we journey together for this lifetime. As a famous quote in Fiji, we do stand towards and that is “Fiji the way the World should be, united we stand, divided we fall”.

한국어 기사: [한국인 이만희 평화실화│HWPL 재조명&인터뷰 <37>] 사회단체장 “IPYG 평화교육 한달 만에 많은 변화 목격”

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