Afghanistan chief executive“HWPL’s Student Peace Motivation, Astonishing”
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[Korean Lee Man Hee True Peace Story│HWPL Re-lighting & Interview <17>] Afghanistan chief executive“HWPL’s Student Peace Motivation, Astonishing”

The decision to cooperate in reporting the Mindanao Peace Agreement
“Witnessing that students change their minds after education”
“The world's biggest peace organization striving to a cessation of conflict”
“Chairman Lee, a great man with a peace idea”

Afghanistan Mukhtar private school Muhammad Nadir Azedpanah. ⓒ천지일보 (source: HWPL)


Afghanistan Mukhtar private school

Muhammad Nadir Azedpanah

Chief executive Muhammad helda peace message saying, ‘Peace cannot be kept by force’ during last year's March 14 peace event. (source: HWPL)

[Cheonji Daily News=Reporter Lee Som] “Expect HWPL organization to expand the network of peace in all countries across the globe.”

This is a word that most people who have a relationship with and collaborate with HWPL say. It means that world peace can be realized only when major peace projects such as HWPL's peace education are carried out in each country and the spirit covers the global village. Also, It is the explanation that as the world is now connected, even if religions, races, and countries are different, efforts for peace must be made together.

Mohammed Nadir Ajedfana (28), who recently conducted an email interview with this magazine, is currently serving as the chief executive of Mukhta private School. Principal Muhammad, who implements HWPL's peace education in the Balkh region of Afghanistan and directly teaches it to students, also emphasized as above. Chief executive Muhammad, who was originally interested in peace, pledged to work in collaboration with HWPL to create a practical environment where students can have hope in Afghanistan, like a wasteland of peace, while witnessing the changes in students through HWPL education.

Figure that peace education is being conducted at Mukta School in Afghanistan on October 11, 2020. (source: HWPL)

◆“Students have a sense of peace responsibility through education”

Chief executive Muhammad had a contract with HWPL starting in 2019.

Chief executive Muhammad searched and saw activities in other countries of the HWPL, and he said that was particularly impressed by the peace agreement fulfilled in Mindanao, the Philippines. If there were successes on an island that had been in a bloody conflict for 40 years, was seen that it could be worked in Afghanistan.

“I was inspired to be part of and support the HWPL through the resolution of the Mindanao Peace Agreement”, he said, and “I get to know all their programs and activities based on my research before the contract, which truly impresses me to be part of the HWPL organization.”

Since then, Principal Muhammad, who has been actively involved in HWPL's peace education so far, was convinced that his decision was right. The evidence for this was HWPL's peace education localized in Afghanistan and the students themselves who changed their thoughts and behaviors through this.

“I have seen the student’s motivation that each student from the (HWPL's) peace education class”, said chief executive Muhammad and “they (students) felt responsible towards their family, school, and community as well as the future generation after them, which is amazing.”

Asked what was the most worthwhile thing during the HWPL peace education, he said, “The student's hope and inspiration and a strong commitment to being the peace messengers and standing for peace in their small ages, and these ideas make me feel I should work for HWPL to accomplish their goal”. He said, “The student’s impression and their support were very impressive for HWPL education, and; indeed, it leads the HWPL team in Afghanistan to work hard and expand the network of peace in Afghanistan.”

A figure that the certificate is delivered to the students who received the education, at the completion ceremony of the HWPL peace education held at Mukta School in Afghanistan on December 26 last year. (source: HWPL)

◆Afghanistan of the chaos… “Promise to fulfill the peace with HWPL”

Afghanistan is one of the countries in desperate need of peace in the world.

The Taliban, an armed group that lost power, and the US invaded in 2001 to capture Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, took over Afghanistan completely 20 years after the withdrawal of US troops last year. As the regime and security situation changed, the country fell into chaos again, and terrorism and various incidents still continue to occur. Against this background, Principal Muhammad said that he felt more hopeful for HWPL's peace education.

He said, “It seems difficult at the beginning because being a citizen of a country like Afghanistan which has been faced with war for almost a decade,” but it felt amazing to work with the HWPL peace organization for peace to (bring peace) and live in peace.

Therefore, in the past, “it may seem impossible to bring peace in Afghanistan, but I promise that I work to make a peaceful environment for mukhtar students, so they could live their dreams”, he was determined.

When asked about “the definition of peace”, chief executive Muhammad explained, “peace is the condition where everyone can feel the happiness from every single action in their life”, and “peace can be the freedom of every one's life to raise their voice, continue their education, and feel equal without any discrimination in the family, or the community.”

In addition, he said I am expecting from HWPL organization to expand the network of peace in all countries across the globe, adding that he has not been able to attend HWPL's offline events due to COVID-19, but he hopes to participate in the event one day. Above all, he emphasized that he hoped one of the ultimate goals of the organization accomplishes to achieve global peace across the globe.

“HWPL is the world's biggest peace organization that always stands to bring common peace to countries across the globe and end conflict and war. Chairman Lee of HWPL is one of the great men who came up with this creative idea to support world peace not only for his own country but for all countries across the globe. I highly appreciate his and HWPL's effort.”

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