A New Government with Integration and Communication, Hopefully It’s ‘Not a Dagger Behind the Smiles’…
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] A New Government with Integration and Communication, Hopefully It’s ‘Not a Dagger Behind the Smiles’…


It has been 2 weeks since President Moon’s administration has taken power, and all the people of this nation look extremely satisfied than any of other previous governments so far. Even those people in the opposition have no reason to be against President Moon as this is helping people to believe in the trust of this government – this amount of support from the people is unprecedented.

It is amazing to see such maturity of the Korean people’s democratic consciousness relative to other neighboring nations as they have been the main protagonists in overcoming all the hardships such as monopolization of state affairs and impeachments, and in selecting a president in such quick amount of time for the stable of the nation. This is the capability of the Korean people. The thing is that even the leaders of the global superpowers are hanging by the thread as Trump could be on the verge of impeachment himself as well as Xi Jinping who maintains power with anxiety, and not to forget Abe who is extending his time as a leader not by the support from his own people, but in fact by depending on the power of the foreign powers. Even President Putin of Russia is encountering difficult reality as both diplomatic and military situation make it uneasy for him to handle on a daily basis. This is the reason why both North Korea and all other neighboring superpowers are afraid of the capabilities of South Korea, and its new leader who has the utmost support from his own people. What is more powerful than military means is the trust of its own people, and with this it is only possible to become more efficient to handle matters and issues globally wisely.

In this perspective, it could be regarded that South Korea is in an advantageous position relative to those nations of the United States, China, Japan and others in terms of military, diplomacy and economics as South Korea plans to discuss matters with all of these countries step by step.

Now the key is to monitor how long this support and trust of the people will be maintained towards the current government. Previous governments (President Park and President Lee) failed despite a bright start, just like the current one. There could be many reasons, but the main reason is that they were obsessed in erasing the previous government’s deeds. They were only focused on the achievements of their plans, rather than the happiness of the people – which was in fact betrayal towards the people. This is why there must be constitutional amendments, and the current administration must not forget that this is the core reason why today’s people of Korea are in full support of the current regime.

The main concern though is the extent of the speed; too much is as bad as too little. We all fear that all of the plans are being pushed to be achieved in the ‘current administration’ that forces the policy makers and leaders to ‘erase the past’ that would then naturally lead them to be arrogant and to retaliate those who opposed in the past. Why does it feel that the current government’s slogan ‘Communication and Integration’ is already so far past behind? Erasing previous government’s achievements – all these vicious circle needs to be broken once and for all, and without such, only those people of the nation will be the innocent victims. Republic of Korea is owned by the people of the nations, and the political leaders must take an account that the people of the nation are the heaven of the nation. They must not manipulate for their own advantageous by utilizing the popularity of the people on a temporary basis.

Upon the 8th anniversary and commemoration of the death of former President Roh Moo-Hyun, it was ordered by the current president to investigate ‘Four Major Rivers’.Coincidence or not – former President Park was walking into the court with her hands in cuffs- in contrast to where the current management was attending the glorious ceremony. Why would such ‘glory and humiliation’ exist at the same time that could potentially divide the people into two factions once again? It is not easy to comprehend why would a newly-elected president not stand by his promise, which was to accept even those people how have opposed during the campaign. It is confusing as one of the people whether or not such communication and integration is actually being implemented behind the smiling faces – it could even be ‘their own communication’ and ‘their own integration’ – one thing to note though is that this shall not be ‘their own party’. This period of time that we live in today requires a leader with big minds who can even embrace those oppositions.

There is one thing that we are not aware, or perhaps we have completely been oblivious about. Republic of Korea has been in poverty, even more than Somalia of today. This nation needed the most basic food to sustain its existence a few decades ago. When life got better, then came the needs for policies and a better world to live in – hence, democracy. This was the reasonable path back then. Right or wrong – wrong history is part of the history that no-one could amend by going back. It’s just that one must learn from such wrongful past and never again conduct similar mistakes again going forward. The next thing we have to take is to understand and forgive those in the wrongful paths – and to start from scratch. This is the true virtue which the new leader needs to implement, and a true communication and integration indeed. Elimination and retaliation will only bring more of those each and every time when a new regime steps in – we wait for a wise administration and a president to act accordingly.

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