The World Trapped In The Contradiction of ’Evil’, Finding The Right Path
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] The World Trapped In The Contradiction of ’Evil’, Finding The Right Path


The fate of a nation hangs by a thread. This is today’s reality, but there are no real leaders nor are there any good people. Creating the people with two different ideologies, and those people who take such occasion as a good thing and not willing to unify into one good group – who is to say that there is a good true leader and its people? Who has created the world in which people take false teachings as true and vice versa? The root of such cause lies in religion, and religion needed to be separated from politics after all. The reason for this is because religion is the teaching from the heaven whereas those teachings of the world are merely from the earth. These two should have never been mixed together, and since they are done so artificially, the sins and crimes are held in a bitter grudge against the heaven for sure.

Let us look at the present times. Despite the humanity trying its best to improve for the advancement of the human race, all these have now become in vain as there seems to be no truth and faithfulness. Instead, the world we live in today is now all filled with evil and wickedness. It seems that without false conducts and lies, surviving in this world is impossible. To make matters worse, evil bears evil in which people have naturally become accustomed to wickedness as a natural foundation. The corrupted religions and philosophies of these are the key reasons in bringing today’s emergency situations. Perhaps there are minorities of righteousness and people who have the right conscience which help sustain in the most minimum way that is truly regrettable of all.

For that reason these small amount of people will do their best to start from scratch. As spoken over the generations about the good triumphing over the evil, it has now become the core philosophy today by casting away the evil and pursuing the good. To elaborate, even if the evil dominates world predominantly, the good will prevail ultimately. As there is an expression that good comes with the bad, in order for the good to prevail, the evil must take part and play its role to the fullest initially. With this, the world can wait for the good and peace, and this has always been the intention of the Creator himself.

A Confucian during the Chosun Dynasty Era, Nam Sa-Go, has stated in his prophecy, “There comes an era when one will go past by, while a new one enters to replace” and hence ‘a nice season, a great season’. Furthermore, as all the creations have been waiting for such ‘great season’, this is not a wish and a hope of an individual, but of all the things in this planet that has been created by the Creator himself. This will be strong evidence that all the creations have not been under the true guidance of the Creator yet. To further realize is that the reason for the era that is ending is due to its corruption, and that is because of the greed and arrogance after all. Therefore, a new religion that is selected by the Creator was needed to replace this corrupted society, and this was all prophesized by Nam Sa-Go himself long centuries ago. The Lord Creator has been sending this specific message through various sources and routes from both the West and East, and it is the mission of all readers to truly realize that it is time to be aware of such, at least from today.

However one shall not forget the fact that despite all the promises for a great new era, there exist pain and suffering as a base. It will be challenging and requires much collateral of torturing. However, with all these hardships comes victory and hope for recovery ultimately. 

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