The Never-Changing Justice and Truth Opens and Replaces the Corrupted Era
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] The Never-Changing Justice and Truth Opens and Replaces the Corrupted Era


Time flows and it has so without any specific reason. Is it that the provision of this world is operated without any cause? It seems that this world does not realize as it is in a state of deep sleep, and it is the role of religion to let the world know of this. Thereupon, whenever the declining years enter in, it has been told from each of those respective scriptures that those people selected would have the roles to tell the world to wake up, and to realize where they are today.

There might be many religions out there today, but let us have a deep dive into Christianity amongst them. Note that regardless of how brilliant the detail of the scripture might be, it will not be significant if the true meaning of the scripture is not known. The Bible states phrases such as end of the world, getting in of the grain and end of an era – this specifically means there is a beginning and the end of a specific era, and more in detail would mean the beginning and end of the 6,000 years of Lord Creator’s history. Then why exactly does one era come to a close after all? It is the responsibility of the Bible, and furthermore, the role of religion to help the people realize this question. Both the religion and scripture has been provided so that the humanity learns from the past history of each generation and era’s destruction, which would help them avoid such similar consequences.This is the real objective of the way or religion. Religion is not merely a way of letting people know to live fairly or to live happily.

Then what exactly does “As were the days of Noah” mean?Sins came into this world when Adam has betrayed God’s promise, and God has selected the righteous Noah and his family to judge the corrupted Adam’s world by the Deluge – hence the Noachian deluge. With this, the so-called Adam’s era has ended that marked the beginning of Noah’s era. However just like Adam’s – Noah, Moses after God’s promised with Abraham, and even the world of Jesus – all the promises with God has been broken down as stated from the Bible. And after Jesus Christ’s ascension into Heaven, another new promise with God was the Revelation that was shown to Apostle John, and this Revelation is a prophecy that was shown to John by vision which shall happen in this earth in the end of a religious era. 

The Revelation, which is becoming into a reality today, happens to be just as mentioned above “As were the days of Noah”. Back in the times of Noahwhen people actually all died in flesh from the flood, today’s world is in the form of spirits. Meaning that should persondrink sea water then he or she would certainly die from it, all the believers in religion would also certainly die, in spirits though, if they accept those preaches of words not from the Heaven, but from the sea – or the pastors of the earth. This is the reality of religion today. Likening to those era of Noah when people did not give ear to Noah’s cautions that the Flood will happen as people’s hardened minds were existent, it is identical today as people equally do not have the capability to discern the spirits correctly. For that, “As were the days of Noah” is again the phrase that is used and because of this, the phrase “He who has ears, let him give ear” is applied as well.

Then what exactly is the era today? 98 years ago from today, the 33 religious leaders have announced the Declaration of Independence at the Pagoda Park in Seoul. However in fact, the hidden meaning of the Declaration was the Freedom and Independence of Religion from the lies of those words of Satan – and that true God who is the creator of the Heaven and Earth will restore back the Kingdom ultimately.

March 14, 1984 was the day when the universe has returned back to tis spot exactly in 3,600 years. Henceit is a year of Heaven opening up its gate. This was the date when the prophecy has been realized on this earth, and has been 33 years already. However, the world has always been busy without noticing such wonders, just like 2,000 years ago when BC has transformed into AD as the world is in a deep sleep. 

A new era of religion has opened as the corrupted era has passed away. Strictly speaking, it is not the religion that has ended, but it conveys the message that it is the end of the corrupted religious leaders and their believers, and that the true and new religion has taken its place in this new period of time. And that the role of this new religion is to recover the true humanity, and to make the world in peace and in order. The newly approached era is not by the humans, but by the articulate plans of the Creator himself – the people in this world must participate in the new work being processed. This is the truth and justice of the new work.

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