A Hero in a Turbulent Age, A Leader with True Leadership and Nobility
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] A Hero in a Turbulent Age, A Leader with True Leadership and Nobility


The Ship – Republic of Korea, this ship is in the verge of wreckage after all the rainstorm. To make matters worse, the captain of the ship is reported missing, and taking such advantage, the sailors are in fight amongst themselves asserting for captaincy of the ship. The passengers of the ship are in total chaos after all the touting by the sailors. It seems these sailors are not particularly interested in collecting productive consensus to save the ship and the passengers, but instead in how to obtain power and wealth. They have no people and the country in their hearts.

Let us turn back to history. Ever since the liberation, what is the core reason why Korea has not been unified? Both the United States and Soviet Union decided to set up respective governments in the north and south for an objective to establish for their own advantages, hence the trusteeship. The trusteeship has brought a strong division between the two Koreans – one who fervently supported for it were the communists as they believed would facilitate in establishing the regime, whereas the rights were opposed to such idea from the first place. Who would have predicted for such division from that first moment? Even though the period is very different, the result of division is no different today as we see. ‘Impeachment versus Non-Impeachment’ that has replaced ‘Trusteeship versus Non-Trusteeship’. 

An extremely volatile international affair plus the uncertain domestic situation in the Korean peninsula are just two of the basic concerns within the nation as the politicians and leaders of all departments are accustomed in pursuing their own greed that has given the people of the nation a big headache ultimately.

Then what is the virtue of a new leadership to take place for the sinking ship of Republic of Korea? That would be the patriotic mindset of a leader who truly is concerned of his or her country, and has the ability to understand rationally on the realities which are taking place internationally as well as domestically. Not to forget the willingness to sacrifice as a leader for his or her people of the nation.

Congressman Yoo-Chul of Lliberty Korea Party has released a press conference on the 11th to stated that “The Republic of Korea is being divided into two” and is urging for further candlelight rallies or Taegeukgi assemblies. And also suggested for ‘Ruling-Opposition Summits’ so that there is an actual consensus on all the issues involved. Whatever the motives for such suggestion, it comes on a perfect timing. Despite the proudly history of Korea, this country has always been under civil wars for years, and continuously is under the same circumstances. The new leaders must be representing in the correct manner, and as there is a phrase ‘The worst violence is discrimination’, prejudice and subjection will divide the nation into two ultimately. Some politicians have acted wrongfully that they’ve used public sentiments to criticize others without the correct facts. These actions are barbaric and even treacherous to one’s country. For which side would a true leader stand for? It would be only for his or her nation and the people, and for justice and righteousness, and for peace and agreement. Then would that leader be able to bring forward the people together in unity for the bright future and vision of the nation.

Korea has always been famous for being a nation of noble. Confucius has officially proclaimed the noble man to be the most ideal person in the universe, to be respected. Noble man must fear the Heaven, and his own people like the Heaven. The people are thus the Heaven to a true leader in essence. ‘The Three Faces (君子三面)’ of the noble man is described by Confucius as follows. He must first be dignified, and must possess kind love, gentleness and mercies. Furthermore, must be wise with good rational and be logical and persuasive as a person. A road that is difficult to reach, that narrow road where the noble person overcomes day and night – who wouldn’t want to follow that leader after all?

This is why all the people today are searching for a true leader like the above-mentioned noble man as a leader. A man without an order, but who acts as a good example by the actions – a true leader – and people will genuinely follow him naturally.

A hero is born in this turbulent age. Where would be a leader with ‘The Three Faces’ after all? For this reason, we all await like a magnolia which has overcome this cold winter for a super-natural person in a white horse. 

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