The Truth of Donald Trump’s ‘Americanism’
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] The Truth of Donald Trump’s ‘Americanism’


The time is quickly rushing towards somewhere in the midst of uncertainty in this world we live in today. The ideologies of east and west no longer have the boundaries as all the philosophies, religions and races are universal, thus one global village. However the conflicts caused due to different religions, races and ideologies have brought the humanity into a critical point of decision to make – whether to stop now or to retreat or to move forward – answer is needed in this important stage of time.

Stepping aside from the global reality that we live in today as we focus in the Republic of Korea, a country that is already small which is divided into two different states – the southern part of the country is even more divided into ‘factions’. The justification of the faction culture is without exception ‘for the rights of people and country’’. Of course having factions is not always wrong since it could also entail details such as specific directions on policies and philosophies. However the reality is that rather than the detail itself, it is in the center of regionalism which results in certain individuals taking power based out of those regions in factions. Factions with various details would be helpful as they would be functional as these details will include competitiveness and strengths for the better changes of the country.

It is pitiful and regrettable not only in the Korean peninsula, but also around the world today. ISIS’s origin is based out of the religious conflicts within the Muslim community that sparked from the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia that spread out across the Northern African nations against the dictatorships. Although the inception was in good objective, the processes became ugly as these inducted unstoppable refugees who took broken ships that resulted in tragic burials at the Mediterranean Sea. This has directly led the EU to adapt to refugee policies, and with much volatilities such as terrorist attacks in the heart of Europe, United Kingdom was the first country in the EU to oppose to pro-refugee policies by the implementation of ‘Brexit’ which sparked new order of politics, diplomacy and race globally. This radical decision by the British has influenced the United States, the symbol of globalization, in that the oppressed wrath of the Americans exploded as conflicts in a various racial communities have always been potentially been embedded. Taking advantage of such environment, Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States of America by implementing unprecedented policies such as radical nationalism along with protectionism and pro-Americanism. Thus, policies towards America-First have put cold water into globalization efforts as a consequence.

In terms of race, the British are part of the ‘Anglo-Saxons’ who have deep roots from the German territory and have moved into the British Island long centuries ago to set up various kingdoms, thus became the ancestors of the now British people. After this, the Puritan revolution broke out, and with much suppression, the Puritans migrated to America to search for new lives – therefore, the Americans today were built on the heritage of the Anglo-Saxons after all. These are the ones who are initiating to divide races and religions in order to lead the new orders of America First. This kind of environment quickly changes the trend of the times, and could equally be compared to The Great Depression in terms of economy, and to the Iron Curtain in terms of political and diplomatic point of view. The closes comparison could be made on the Berlin Wall that blocked the East and the West, and after 28 years today, Mr. Trump has declared to build a wall similar to that in Berlin which will be set up across the national boundary to Mexico – modern Great Wall of China. Moreover, Mr. Trump’s executive orders on immigration bars citizens of 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, which absolutely contradicts to the spirits of President Lincoln who has proclaimed the freedom of human rights by declaring emancipation of slaves 154 years ago – and it has become a major concern that this spirit will disappear ultimately. Sure that the countries in Latin America have made themselves allied with each other to protest against such movement by the United States, and Iran has taken actions to retaliate against the United States likewise, and China with their own rights have united with ASEAN nations to overcome protectionism of America. These faction movements globally have made uncertainties to the maximum, and the humanity’s efforts to make world peace in one global village has become difficult as Mr. Trump’s slogan ‘Americanism, not Globalism’ is becoming reality as promised during the election.

What is certain is that Mr. Trump’s Americanism is definitely pro-Caucasian and pro-Christianity. Religion, in particular Christianity, is based on equality and benevolent spirit and thus one shall not forget that peace is the center of it. This is the right time for the Republic of Korea as well to look back how Christianity in this country has also caused chaos by discrimination against others subjectively.

As there’s a saying that ‘Look into the Woods and then the Trees’, we must not become small minded in this already small country. If one is able to correctly diagnose the trend of the world, then one could pave way to become great in this world of faction, and moreover, to become the leader of the humanity. In order to view the Republic of Korea more properly and closely, one must monitor all of this from a global perspective, and Mr. Trump’s Americanism is one of the lesson to be learned after all. 

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