Preaching to the wind when melody from the heaven is flowing
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] Preaching to the wind when melody from the heaven is flowing


Why is this world so corrupted? No single place is normal, and it is a big pity to know that this is the status quo since the beginning of the rooster year.Wouldn’t this be a situation where pouring water on a duck’s back as there is no-one on this earth listening to the warning of the heaven? There might be various numbers of religions but without a true religious leader, and there might be many scriptures as well but without anyone with proper knowledge. Teacher Sago-Nam, who was an astronomer and Confucian himself during the Chosun Dynasty era left prophetic writing ‘Secret of Namsago’ that was about corruption and venal officials and its governance which resulted in no bright future of the nation. Furthermore, Apostle Paul sent a letter “For even if you had ten thousand teachers in Christ, you have not more than one father” to a church in Corinthians, thus, although there are many religions and its leaders preaching day and night, there are no real religion and leaders – weren’t the warnings of Namsago and Paul for this day?

Religion belongs to the heaven, and the sound from it is a revelation. Thereupon, if religion is from the heaven and from the spirits, the politics of this earth is merely from the human world. As there is a proverb, ‘Such a difference between heaven and earth’, the gaps of thoughts are indescribably large between heaven and earth. As Apostle Paul’s confession, “For our country is in heaven”, a man of religion shall truly become enlightened of the laws of heaven, and likewise shall know all the laws of the earth in this universe and act accordingly – these are the eternal reasons and logics of the universe. As a sentence exists, ‘A nation strives when religion lives’, religion and its religious leaders being corrupted, all the politics and politicians become corrupted proportionally.

The Republic of Korea has in its constitution on Article 20 Paragraph 1 and 2 “Every people have the rights and freedom of religion, and politics and religion must be separated”, this is truly a suitable law. In particular, Korea’s government system is in principle divided into the legislative, the judicial, and the administrative branches. The judicature system enacts and revises laws, and also reforms constitutions. However in reality, the people who were responsible in putting forth the constitution have been the ones who were not abiding by the laws themselves. Republic of Korea is a liberal democratic country, which means the country belongs to the people. Civil servants who work and receive their payrolls are merely the employees of the people. The president, congressman, governor, mayor and all others are hired workforce from the people of the country, and therefore, they shall not ignore the stance and position of the people who are effectively the employer. Accordingly, such relationship should be closely monitored and evaluated by the legislative.

Should the politician ignore the law by distorting certain religion and get involved in suppressing the religion, it is an act of serious crime as it is considered to be a violation of a constitution article. What is more important is that such acts by the politicians and leaders are effectively dividing the people of the nation into 2 factions in a country that is divided into North and South Korea, hurting the morale and spirits of the people.

Such thoughtless behavior by both the politicians and religious leaders show the corruption of modern days of Republic of Korea, and one must fear that history will clearly remember this after all. During the President Myung-Bak Lee administration, politicians and religious leaders of Christianity both oppressed Buddhists so massively that the monks demonstrated across the nation, and hence, ‘Special Act on Public Officials, Religious Bias’ was quickly and suddenly reformed accordingly. However, such law shall not even need to exist from the first place because the detail already is stated in the constitution. In other words, The only instrument that is to protect the nation, its systems and the people – the constitution – is being used for the advantage of those politicians and religious leaders like parasites, and this has always been the case as history tells us.

This is not strange today as the Korean Christianity and the Christian Broadcasting System work closely together to oppress certain religion by unlawfully advertising of it to be a religious cult, which is anti-nation and anti-society. Then why is this happening from the first place? Their untruthful acts and unlawful activities have been exposed to the people of the nation, and in order to further prevent such cases, they have brought everything in their power to divide the people into two factions – how would the people know of this in detail? The Christianity shall acknowledge and repent its wrongdoings, and those people of religions shall fear the heavens for their sins.

During the Japanese colonial period, the Korean Christianity has worshiped the Japanese shrine, just like King Solomon, and the Korean peninsula has ultimately been divided into two, just like Israel has been. Ever since the liberation from the Japanese rule, when the military regime took power via military coup, the conservative Christians took the initiatives to be part of this unlawful coup, and spent most of their time in suppressing those religions which they thought were not helpful to them – by utilizing the power at the back of the military regime – that is the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) today, and its roots as a background. When President Myung-Bak Lee came into power, they made him the elder of the church, and thus, Christianity took full power and measure to take all the advantages with this backing.

What shall one do when one becomes aware that this false religion uses the name of true religion in making a country in mess? That is the DNA of the religion in Korea today, and it is such a big shame to witness this fact. Now the people and man of religion shall no longer be deceived by the reality of this false religion of Korea, as the Bible teachers “If a blind man is guiding a blind man, the two will go falling into a hole together”. Religion shall truly navigate the road of religion, and politics shall also truly find its way of responsibility. In this year of rooster, when religion strives properly, the nation and mankind will be a better place to live when both politics and religions act accordingly. 

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