Enlightening the ‘Right Path’ by the means of Pen
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] Enlightening the ‘Right Path’ by the means of Pen


The year of the monkey ended ina turbulent story in both domestic and foreign affairs where Soon-Shil Choi’s monopolization in the nation made the society chaotic in which resulted in further confusion in the political scene as more politicians took this advantage for their own best interests – this was the beginning of January in the year of rooster.

People of the Republic of Korea are in a critical condition to choose the right person in this political chaos where rivalry of local barons is officially in place ever since the vegetative state has been persistent in this nation. People should by now have matured enough since last year’s betrayal of all of those politicians, and must be sure that this race has the capability to elevate crisis into an opportunity.Hero is born in troublous times and for that reason hope is still around as one wishes for a more optimistic future.

Year of Rooster’s first morning started with a hen’s loud cry that overcame the darkness. Seeing the old year out and the new year in – one follows the path to let go of the past and embrace the new era with hope and happiness.

“There would be a super-natural person in eternity on a white horse crying out loud in bitter wilderness.” Prisoner number ‘264’ who was more accustomed at prison rather than his own home because of his time spent in prison, a resistant poet has laid down his life for his country in a prison at Beijing a year before the liberation of Korea – he was one of the most memorable poets in that gloomy period who never lost hope for freedom of his nation.

64(Original Name, Won-Rok Lee) has long waited for liberation of his nation along with his people by alluding to a ‘super-natural person in a white horse.’ Despite today’s unbelievable advancement in both economic and democratic society, our thoughts are crushed down by today’s reality that we are in a situation as if in the prison as the poet. In this desperate condition, one must wait for that ‘super-natural person in a white horse’ for justice and peaceful society where everyone lives in truth without lies.

However this utopia is not a free gift – we all have to take the same path as 64 has taken to achieve rightfully as history tells us – reviewing the old and learning the new. Evergreen tree is needed in this world to tell those without the knowledge and awareness of what is needed to make a better world.

This newspaper promises to take the same path as 64 has done in this first morning of the year of rooster for the justice and truth of the society by the power of pen. That path is, as mentioned on previous article, the ‘right path’, meaning that it does not take sides either on the progressive or the conservative – but in fact only for the justice and righteousness. By doing so would only be able to take the role as light to that world of darkness, and by this, enlightenment and repentance is possible in this new era.

This political scandal has proved just how important the role of media is, and as one of the members in this community, I’ve learned what needs to be done appropriately. Behind politics and society, corruption in religion has also been a primary cause in this chaotic situation as it united together with those corrupted ones to free-fall like everyone’s witnesses for the past few months.

Everything has hit the bottom, and reflecting back the reality we’re faced today, we all hope for a fresh new start in the year of rooster with the right spirit of peace-loving spirit.

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