‘School-Smarts’ to no longer defame the reputation of Republic of Korea
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] ‘School-Smarts’ to no longer defame the reputation of Republic of Korea


The status of Republic of Korea that was soaring thanks to “Hanryu” or “Korean Wave” has fallen head-over-hills very recently – outside the nation are serious issues on THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Defense Missile) and GSOMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement) between Japan and Korea which the Chinese government took full measures to prohib the “Hanryu” movement in China, whereas individual mistakes in South America have brought anti-Korean as a consequence. 

The hard efforts of the Koreans in searching for righteousness against the corrupted government in the peninsula has been put to shame by those people who represent the face of Republic of Korea in overseas. A councilor to Chile has committed such an embarrassing act in Chile that it has negatively affected even the lives of those innocent Koreans living in Chile.

The councilor, whose main responsibility was to promote the Hanryu wave even further by connecting the two countries culturally, was more preoccupied elsewhere apart from his job duties. His act of brutality (minority sexual molestation)was exposed all over the world through a local TV program – however, the real problem is not his acts but the negative affects it has caused in daily lives.

The Koreans in Chile are receiving insults of text messages and all sorts of wrath from the local Chileans as this councilor has already behaved indecently even before this incident amongst the Korean community since he has approached the wife of a Korean in Santiago previously. He has been accused of sexually harassing a 12-year old minority, and with this local TV on air, the fury of Chileans are now uncontrollable which is a serious concern as a whole.

Taking advantage of his position to approach an innocent girl who is a huge fan of K-POP is something that is unacceptable, but what is more beyond comprehension is the decision and action of the Korean embassy in Chile. Why has the embassy neglected the dirty acts of this councilor if they were already aware of this potential crime, which only brings up the subject of the embassy’s carelessness and hiding such facts?

Chile has been a country that is by far the closest with Korea thanks to its connections through Hanryu and the culture but after this incident has brought a crucial negative sentiment towards all of the things related to Korea, and furthermore, the Koreans living in Chile now live in concerns on a daily basis.

The impact of an individual’s wrong action has been so massive that it has brought down the status of Republic of Korea on a low hill, and its reliability is no longer the same as before – they are the representatives and faces of a nation, who are supposed to be model to those overseas.

It is a greedy thought to wish for the right acts of those so-called the well-educated high officials from the first place? Eyes are the windows of a mind, and words from the mouths are the thoughts and spirits which reflect the personalities and philosophies of the people. Despite all the sweet talks, a person’s genuine personality can be realized looking through a person’s eyes – and of course, through the person’s usual acts and words.

The world is not supposed to be ruled by those who were well educated since the teaching since our childhood is that the more noble, the more humble as we all know just too well. One must think first before giving out the words or the actions accordingly, in particular those who are the faces of the nation. ‘Book-Smart’ or ‘School-Smart’ applies to those dopy ones who have no worldly-wise. However, this ‘Book-Smart’ is being abused by these government officials for their own personal benefits in the expense of innocent Koreans as a whole where they use this word to justify their wrongful acts by insisting of their negligence, which is in fact a deadly abuse.

Everyone is wishing for those ‘School-Smarts’ to no longer defame the reputation of Republic of Korea, but to see, hear and learn properly for the better future. 

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