호사다마(好事多魔) Good Comes With The Bad
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] 호사다마(好事多魔) Good Comes With The Bad


Republic of Korea is struggling at its best for rebirth as if a pregnant woman is in her utmost pain – the good comes with the bad. The state of affairs is clearly that the old corrupted period has ended with a new bright era stepping in as a pregnant woman’s loud cry is in the air.

It probably was a single event that has brought the most attention as far as editorial writings are concerned. Moreover, candlelight rallies have now taken its root to be a tourist package from overseas tourists. It truly is amazing to realize that it has become a cultural heritage in this country. Bloomberg consistently broadcasted on the candlelight rallies that “Although politics in Korea has retreated significantly, the rallies clearly show an advancement of the society.” The rallies do look strange from the eyes of foreigners as well since it is so peaceful compared to any other nations globally. The Geun-Hye Park and Soon-Sil Choi episode has revealed corruption across all areas of politics, economy, prosecution, media and religion. The irony of such humiliation is that this has brought significant positives in Republic of Korea as the spirits of Korean people have awakened as if from a long sleep – not only are the Koreans astonished by the awakening but the whole world is.

The world is having a close look at the Republic of Korea, its people and the history – they are curious to learn from where this matured cultural spirits have come from. It is time to find our true identities as the Koreans were always called the People of Heaven. Thus, the Koreans were part of the heaven, and were not hesitant to follow the orders of the heaven – those voices from heaven are from its own people as the master of the nation is the people. Listening to the people and to their wish and demand is the true politics; hence ‘the mind of the people is the mind of the heaven.’As a good example, the March First Independence Movement during the Japanese Imperialism was one of the first movements in a peaceful act against rifles and swords which have lighted up peaceful movements globally such as the one in India for its liberation from Great Britain – It has become a symbol of peace movement in the humanity.

More to that, Kim Koo has stated in his biography ‘My Wish’ that “It is my wish that my country becomes the most beautiful in the world, not the strongest or powerful. After our country’s invasion from the neighboring country, I do not wish for our country to invade the others. Our wealth is enough with satisfying our needs to live on a daily basis and our power is enough with defending the invasion.” He further has written “The only unlimited wish to obtain is the high quality of culture.I do not wish my country to imitate another country’s culture; I wish my country to be a model and an objective of others for the high-quality culture. For that, I wish that global peace starts from Republic of Korea, and through my nation the world peace is truly achieved.” Kim Koo has left an extraordinary heritage which was truly a great culture – it means heavenly culture and peace.

Another interesting observation is the role of a Church in Germany in the process of unification. The Church has been a catalyst in the unification, and Pastor of St. Nicolai Church of Leipzip along with the citizens been instrumental in bringing the Berlin Walls down in the Eastern sector of Berlin. It was through a peaceful candlelight rallying on every Monday prayers. The Pastor has been in the initiative on the Monday Prayer Rallying on October 9, 1989 in Leipzig with slogans of “We are the People”, “Non-Violence”, “It is not the Communist Party or the Government but we ourselves the People who decide our own Destiny.” And magically after 1 month in November 9th, the symbol of division that is the Berlin Wall fell down in pieces – the power of peace is very much strong as history manifests itself.

The peaceful candlelight rallying in Seoul and other cities in the Republic of Korea shows potential limitless energy, peaceful philosophy and a great DNA of our nation. This peaceful candlelight of the nation will continue to be in the unification with the North, and will further be energy in achieving world peace. Chairman Man-Hee Lee of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) who is meeting global leaders of politics and religion has also urged “Let us inherit the world with peace along with the unification of Korea.” – the greatest value of humanity is peace.

Let us not forget to remember that we as a nation have always sublimated crisis into opportunities. 

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