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There are over 7 billion people living in this globe with diversity, and countless religions are present proportionally. There are laws in those religions, thus, a ‘law of heaven’ and a ‘law of earth’ exist. In other words, law of heaven is religion whereas compendium of laws would be the law of earth. Those laws in this universe could vary from one country to the other, and would be the same for different religions as well – however since the existence of the religion’s master would only be one, the ultimate objective of religion would be ‘salvation’.

For that reason, religion must have its own scripture, and without one would merely mean a culture from its own country or a false religion that takes advantage of such nation’s long tradition. This would be the so-called ‘religious cult’ that goes beyond the genuine goal of religion – but in fact to fulfill one’s individual greed that becomes a tool to corrupt the society. The reality today is that these false religions lure through lies instead of the truth, hence, with artificial human teachings which have brought the end of religion, and in effect have become a real threat in pushing the world to the end of humanity.

Religion(宗敎) by its own definition is made by God who has created heaven and earth, and is the master of religion accordingly. When one religion corrupts, a new religion enters in to replace that corrupted religion. As per the teaching of Ecclesiastes states “One generation goes and another comes” or “For everything there is a fixed time, and a time for every business under the sun”, and as Paul the Apostle stated that “A new agreement, he has made the first agreement old. But anything which is getting old and past use will not be seen much longer”, it is a history of ‘creation and re-creation’, and ‘seeing the old out and the new in’ on the one hand. These have always taken place with the prophecies in advance in every periods of time where promises have been kept – this is the process that brought a new religion in a new era. 

According to Article 20 paragraph 1 and 2 of the Constitution, the freedom of religion is granted to all the people in Republic of Korea in which politics and religion shall be separated from one another. Despite this fixed fact, should a religious follower become a politician, it would not be difficult to understand that this politician would follow subjectively to his or her religious leaders. This would mean a partial way of leading the nation, and moreover would bring corruption to religion and make the country wrongdoing ultimately. Therefore, this would cause separation into two different religions and two different ideologies as a result, and the mastermind of such cause would be the politicians and political leaders themselves.

Therefore, religious followers must follow both the laws of heaven and earth as they will be judged accordingly from both worlds.

Old Testament exists in the law of heaven. This book entails details of those actual events happened prior to the times of Moses, which the Creator God himself has told Moses about. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy are part of the Old Testament written by Moses, and these five books plus more others which were all written by the prophets of their times after witnessing and experiencing the visions and illusions are the Old Testament.Moreover, the Law of Moses existed approximately 3,500 years ago.

On the other hand, the New Testament is a detail after Jesus came on earth, and the events which took place accordingly. Jesus stated “I have not come for destruction (the law or the prophets), but to make complete.” - This actually meant the fulfillment of the Old Testament’s promise. Jesus Christ, who was the living stone himself (1Pet 2:4),his words from his mouth became the law of the New Testament, and that was because his words were to be the judge on the last day(John 12:48). The Revelation is a book written after John, the disciple of Jesus, has seen and heard the revelation by vision after the ascension of Jesus (Rev1:1-3). The New Testament by Jesus, hence the Revelation, states that if any man makes an addition or deduction to the book will be punished by God himself and by taken away from heaven (Rev 22:18~19).Thus, the law of New Testament period is the Revelation and its proofs. The book written by John the Apostle made a New Promiseand is a new law of heaven since those promises has been accomplished today. 

The reality in Korea today is that the Presbyterianism, which is the major Church that was established by Calvin, does not acknowledge the Revelation. Even in this situation, many others within their religious body are preaching about the Revelation with different teachings and details – where are the true religious followers?

In summary, Moses was selected to be the judge during the Old Testament period, whereas Jesus during the First Coming, and today would be the one who overcomes and who will receive a white stone by Jesus (Rev 2:17). However as the Bible proves, the believers were the ones who have always killed those sent by God – the believers were ignorant about both the Bible and the power of God, and with that, they had no knowledge of the revelation and thus opposed to the words of God. Salvation exists because the end of world comes, and since one era becomes corrupt, a fresh new era steps in to rescue the humanity.

Today’s politics and religion, in particular the Church, of Korea evidently show the unlawful reality of both the heaven and earth as explained in full detail above. Howeveras it is stated in a Bible “Those times when men had no knowledge were overlooked by God; but now he gives orders to all men in every place to undergo a change of heart; Because a day has been fixed in which all the world will be judged in righteousness by the man who has been marked out by him for this work; of which he has given a sign to all men by giving him back from the dead” one needs to have the proper attention to be alert in order to be aware of the reality.

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