To bring hope for peaceful unification through ‘spiritual leadership’
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] To bring hope for peaceful unification through ‘spiritual leadership’


Thick darkness is spread across the nation. The ruler of Republic of Korea has already lost her sovereign power, and the ship “Korea” has also lost its steersman that is wandering around the sea without any directions. However the “Korea” ship is still cruising although shaking thanks to the protection of the Creator. A nation that has always been strong during the crisis is now being guided by its own people, who show contrast to those politicians taking opportunities to take advantage of such emergency times for their own interests and benefits. Now the people have truly learned that the nation has to be protected by their own hands.

Mothers in strollers with babies inside sleeping, breadwinners from their offices, middle-aged class and old generations, middle and high-school students, farmers who gave up their daily trades in their respective occupations and many others have all participated in this candlelight vigil to become the real owners of the nation. The united voice of all these common people have outnumbered those of the politicians who were seeking to take advantage of such situations.

Even the foreign presses have all quickly sent their own messages back home on such calm and high-quality mature demonstrations in place. They have in fact seen hope of Korea through the eyes of the common people in candlelight vigil as a mature sense of citizenship in such emergency crisis was indescribable to explain in words. The world has seen this as well as the North Korean government. This was not the power of politics, diplomacy, missiles or even the atomic bomb – it was a bloodless revolution by the citizens of Republic of Korea to create justice and righteousness that clearly demonstrated to the world how great it could be even without such weapons.

If darkness is deep, then it would mean dawn is near. It is no coincidence that the year of 2017 is the ‘year of chicken’ that wakes up the dawn. First the self-consciousness must be awakened in order to enlighten the whole nation, and then towards the north and lastly the entire world. Through this great experience we can restore our holy personality. The November 12th candlelight vigil will be an opportunity to find back the true identity of Korea, and will be a bridging process for justice and ultimately reunification of Korea.

In that perspective, ‘German unification, the Church opens the Door’ has received much attention lately that was written by Pastor Oh-Sung Park who officially visited North Korea five times including as an entourage during the North-South Korean Summit in 2007. During his time in Germany from 1998 to 2004, he has witnessed and experienced the unification process of Germany himself, and the book manifests about it clearly. He explains in an interview with one newspaper that “The Church has opened the door for unification, and provided direction and change as an overall” and further commented that, “The peace prayers that were spread rapidly from 1983 to 1990 in East Germany were in fact thanks to the efforts of the Church.”. He emphasized in particular that “The Church has provided solutions to demonstrate by ‘means’ of candlelight in the purpose of non-violence as well as the ‘’sovereign power is to the public and the people.’ Pastor Park also highly evaluated that “During the process of German unification, the Church of East Germany demonstrated that peace is the only way, and that was through ‘spiritual leadership’ ultimately.”

There is a strong significance of what the German unification suggests. As there’s a saying that ‘With a religion then a nation survives and so does its people’, the reality we live in today is quite the opposite – both religion and church are big concerns in our society. Both religious and political leaders are obsessed with money and power, and they have been closely connected for a long time. No wonder it is not difficult to figure out the reason why today’s Korean tragedy is due to the corruption of the spiritual religious leaders. Just as parasites move from tree to tree, religious leaders in particular the Church has moved accordingly whenever there was a change of power – history speaks for itself.

They would need to express sincere apologies to the noble spirits of the public, and do their parts to restore spiritual personality and to contribute their efforts in unifying the nation and to help all the activities for world peace. Moreover, if there is any press that obstructs world peace by being a team with evil-doers as mentioned above, they would also need to repent their own faults and provide accurate reports for justice. The candlelight vigil enlightened much others to realize that through restoring the spiritual personality would make all people become one in spiritual leadership for unification of the nation ultimately.

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