‘女謁公行者亂’… Crisis is thus an Opportunity
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] ‘女謁公行者亂’… Crisis is thus an Opportunity


Is President Park a puppet or an avatar of Choi Soon-Shil? There is growing evidence that the complex three-way relationships of Choi Tae-Min, Choi Soon-Shil and President Park were formed because of their sorcery activities conducted in the past.Therefore avatar seems more logical than a puppet. The outrageous monopoly from the shadows by Choi Soon-Shil has even brought much attention from the international mediawhere the photo-line in the prosecutor office was collapsed. The nation was brought to rage and embarrassment, and furthermore was a national frustration, despair and full of vain as the people can no longer trust any of those things from the government.

However much frustration has actually turned misfortune to an advantage as the great nation’s sleeping potentials have woken up after the so-called ‘Choi Soon-Shil Gate’ or ‘Choi Soon-Shil·Park Geun-Hye Gate’.

If so, how did this crisis start from the beginning? Below are very thoroughly reasons for today’s national tragedy - detailed summary by a judge Sung Kwon (Former Judge and Former Chairman of Press Arbitration Commission) who, in his autobiography,has summarized ‘Original Writing(素書)’ written by Seok-Gong Hwang during the ancient Han Dynasty era.

‘여알공행자 난(女謁公行者 亂)’ – hence, a high-ranked official disturbs public orders as a result of accepting advice of a woman who does not value responsibilities. ‘위인택관자 난(爲人擇官者 亂)’ - hence, national emergency erupts when public officials are not elected based on the ability or personality, but based on personal relationships. ‘위국무현인 나정무선인(危國無賢人 亂政無善人)’ – hence, a nation is in peril without a righteous person, and no upright person is available in a nation full of chaos. ‘애인심자 구현급(愛人深者 求賢急)’ – hence, a leader who genuinely loves his or her own people seeks for a wise person to work with. ‘낙득현자 양인후(樂得賢者 養人厚)’ - hence, a leader who enjoys to have wise person alongside to work with always helps to grow. ‘국장패자 사개귀(國將覇者 士皆歸)’ - hence, much people with strong capabilities will be gathered to a nation that emerges to become strong in the region. ‘방장망자 현선피(邦將亡者 賢先避)’ – hence, wise person is the first to flee from a nation that shows sign of destruction.‘보약자 국경(輔弱者 國傾)’ - hence, a nation declines if an advisor to a nation is incompetent. ‘인곤국잔(人困國殘)’ - hence, a nation starts to ruin if its people get tired. ‘여복거동궤자 경(女覆車同軌者 傾)’ - hence, following the wheels of wagon broken down would shake the feet, a person would not be able to avoid an error if one follows the wrong person in front. Such teachings from the wise words certainly give reflection on the reasons why for any tragedy in existence.

But who is to be blamed for all of this? Reflecting a proverb ‘one’s bad luck is all of his or hers own fault’ to a reality today, does it truly make sense that we are not responsible for any blunder in a cruel world where all of us point fingers at each other for the errors committed? If those people who were so certain that “Knew about this” and “Expected such dayswould come into reality”,one cannot help but to question why these arrogant spectators neglected such national-humiliating disaster from the first place. Does this then imply that they’vebeen waiting for such tragedy? If so, keeping a distance to distinguish themselves from the accused, and calling to account for such national disaster in order to bring down the government – these people don’t realize that they themselves are both the hypocrites and cowards as their acts of pretending to be as righteous as possible were all revealed in the public eyes.

Could one assume that the so-called conservative press was not aware of such disaster from the beginning? Had they known, why today amongst all the many days and months? History coincidentally proves the fact that the conservative press was also on the sides of the powerful rather than pursuing justice as they have not been hesitant to do so ever since the Japanese Imperialism period.

Would this government-patronized media be able to deny itself for misleading Korea where such shameful reality has come into existence after all of its unclean tradition? As it looks more and more difficult to retain current power by both the current government and ruling party, what other prey then is this government-patronized media seeking for? What would be needed to gain power in the future as possibility for regime change is becoming more likely? These Medias would have no reason to remain supportive of current government as it is destined to be left out thanks to the “Choi Soon-Shil Gate”. Would that be all? The Christian Council of Korea, which is primarily comprised of the Presbyterian, is by its origin a political focused conservative Christian organization that is united with the political powers which have never lost the greed for vested rights of power – even today. What more is there to express when both the conservative media and that of identical characteristics of Korean religion have been walking together hand-to-hand toward the same path?

What is certain is that President Park, her current government and the ruling party – all need to apologize in a sincere manner for the unforgiveable crimes committed, and must fully confess all the truths to re-emphasize how serious these matters are today. Having power means responsibility proportionally, and the words ‘integrity’ and ‘conscience’ should be kept deep in their minds in order to survive. Catastrophe will be inevitable if they take for granted for further generosity of the people. In such national crisis, it is important not to forget that no-one is free from being a sinner as essentially we are all part of this at the end of the day. It is logical to think that true politics is only reflected when it is well balanced to be expressed for the country and its people as a priority when national emergency is in place regardless of the ideology of politics.

‘Crisis is thus an Opportunity’–let us all reform to become a great nation that knows how to transform disaster to a good fortune. 

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