Ignorance of religion draws an end of religion … Forthcoming of peaceful new era by a new religion
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[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] Ignorance of religion draws an end of religion … Forthcoming of peaceful new era by a new religion


How did this world come this far? Is this all the world is about – the humanity in tears, agony, curse and death – is this the reality? What is the cause of all this? What exactly is religion that 80% of the humanity firmly believes in? Is it merely to live fairly and to act truthfully as to regards to the teaching of religion?

The core existence of religion itself is directly linked to the tragedy of this world where we live in, and religion is needed to overcome such hardship. Religion is the tool that teaches us what has brought tragedy in this world, what the solution is to solve such problems and how the outcome will ultimately be. And in essence, scripture of the religion is the way to figure this out in the end. To reformulate, all other means in this world such as politics and foreign affairs simply provide conflicts and wars instead of solving them. Despite all of this, human beings have distorted the teachings of Heaven to mislead others by merely teaching in the name of religion ‘to live fairly and to act good in daily lives’. It is important to know at least by now by whom such religion is being controlled if good and evil co-exist in this world. 

The definition of ‘Religion(宗敎)’ is to see that of heaven, and to teach that was seen of heaven. Hence, it is not the teaching of thoughts or culture of Land (Human) which has become a false religion by the self-teachings of the Land, but in fact is a teaching by Heaven that is in essence the Heavenly Culture. In order to do that, there must be one selected person, who must see and hear that of Heaven himself. If that is so, what is such religion’s objective at the end of the day? It is ‘peace’ and moreover would be ‘global peace’. In other words, the core objective of religion is to achieve peace in this world. It is not possible to search for genuine global peace without the knowledge of religion or being away from religion. The secret documents of Heaven are the scripture that will light up how world peace will form in its appearance. If the humanity truly wants to end war and embrace peace, it is imperative to know religion, and without such knowledge the world is not prepared to welcome genuine global peace. 

The significance and value of any religion and scripture surely exist. However there clearly is an aim that the religion pursues for, and it is needed to search for a few points. If there is one Creator in a religion, then surely won’t there be one religion as a result?

If so, how did all these religions come to their existence today? Would this be the will of the Creator or would it be a pure greed by humans? Ultimately religion has to be united into one, and if so, how should it be done so accordingly? It is essential that such decision needs to be taken without any prejudice, and definitely needs to be objective and practical. The chosen religion must be credible enough that anyone can agree with it regardless of any circumstances. 

There are incalculable religions in this world today. The 3 religions which represent are Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity.

It has been examined that the true definition of religion is the teaching by Heaven. As well known, Confucius was a son of general common people whereas Buddha was born as a royal prince, both born as sons of human being. However although Jesus was born from a virgin, he certainly is a son of God. The significant fact of Jesus is that his birth was promised through numerous prophets and was born exactly as it was in the prophecy. If this is the case, there is no doubt to recognize who would know exactly about the plans and wishes of heaven. Isn’t it possible to believe God’s promise to accomplish world of peace and to rule this world himself since the son of God was proclaimed ‘King of Peace’ and has lived his life for peace? Faith is based on belief, and if so, shouldn’t there be a specific evidence to have such faith accordingly? The Bible has history, genealogy and even the ages of each individual, and furthermore states about the promises. If these promises are made in reality, shouldn’t other remaining promises be worthwhile to be in the form of belief as evidence?

This truly would be faith and religion based on evidence. However, it would be better to be without a religion if that faith is based on only ‘salvation based on pure belief’ instead of knowledge and evidence of the scripture. Without any knowledge of the scripture would be worthless even if that scripture is magnificent in its own.

The restoration of religion is to unite all into one religion that has the most credible evidence of scripture. Furthermore, it will be the recovery of humanity that will be the only way to accomplish global peace today. The ignorance of religion drew an end of religion today, and the end of religion has brought a new ear by a new religion, thus world peace. We have always spoken about the good triumphing over evil in literatures and everywhere, and the evil being exterminated whilst the good winning definitely is today.

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