“I felt and absorbed the sincerity of the peace movement”
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[2nd WARP Summit] “I felt and absorbed the sincerity of the peace movement”

▲ Guests from home and abroad applaud the performance conducted during the ‘Peace Festival for the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit’ on the 18th at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul (left). A participant in the parade at the finale of the Peace Festival on the September 18th. ⓒ천지일보(뉴스천지)

Korean ▶ [global news CheonJi] [만국회의 2주년] “전쟁종식 평화운동의 진정성이 뼛속까지 느껴졌다”

Admiration of HWPL’s
Organization and Sincerity

“Demonstrated the Republic
of Korea as a nation of peace”

“Much more enormous than
the Olympics, Organization
simply amazing”

[Cheonji-ilbo(H.E. Times)=Song, Tae-Bok] “This event clearly demonstrated the Republic of Korea as a nation of peace, and all participants have come to respect both the host of the event, Chairman Man-Hee Lee, and the Republic of Korea.”

The participants who attended the ‘Peace Festival for the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit’ on the September 18th ,hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), showed the highest admiration to the host’s organized preparation of the event and its sincerity for peace.

Dr. Prasanna Kumar Patasani, the Chairman of the Mahatma M.K. Gandhi Foundation for Non-Violent Peace, commented, “It was a beautiful event and the organization of HWPL is magnificent.

This awakened the importance of peace and cessation of war, and this kind of event was certainly needed to open up the hearts of all to take part in the peace movements.

I believe that, through those leaders of the countries who have opened up their hearts from this event, it will be possible to bring the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) up to the United Nations and ultimately have the Declaration adopted into an international law.”

All of the reactions were identical regardless of the nationality·race·religion·profession. Elizabeth Padron, the President of the Women Lawyer International Federation of the Philippines, stated that, “It was such an emotional event, very well organized and prepared. I felt that God was behind helping Chairman Lee.”

And further emphasized, “What Chairman Man-Hee Lee is proceeding as to regards to implementing the DPCW into a practical international law is such an important task that it must be accomplished accordingly.” And further commented,” I will do my best to help and promote the peace movement of HWPL to my fellow colleagues once I return back to the Philippines.”

Al Jazeera Sudan Reporter Mohammed Eltayeb, who was attending his second event hosted by HWPL since March this year when the DPCW was proclaimed shared, “The event was beautiful and magnificent, and [I]realized that there is a big role which the media has to take part in to promote peace movements. I plan to broadcast the event thoughtfully.”

◆“Much more enormous than the Olympics, the Organization of HWPL is simply amazing”

Former United Nations Ambassador, Mr. Keun Park stated, “This is much more enormous than the Olympics. The organization of HWPL is simply amazing. The media must be more proactive to publicize these conferences. I am so proud that peace organizations such as HWPL are in Korea.” He further pointed, “I’ve also been part of the Korean War as a soldier, and war is so tragic for everyone. We all need to be united for world peace.”

Bub-Il, Buddhist Monk of the National Buddhist Council for the Security of Korea could not hide his emotions. “I personally and sincerely absorbed what Chairman Man-Hee Lee’s peace movement and cessation of war was about deep in my inner bones. This was not a peace festival by appearance, but in fact was a genuine event to really cease war and fulfill peace. I felt as if the war between North and South Korea has finally ended, and also wars all around the world permanently ended that led to this Peace Festival.”

Many participants, who also attended each fields of expertise sessions on the September 17th, also expressed high expectations of HWPL’s peace activities. Mohammed Tawhidi Imam, the founder of the South Australian Islamic Association, stressed that, “This WARP Summit is an event blessed by God because it is everyreligious person’s wish to achieve peace through an alliance into one religion.”

Dr. Alireza Haghigh, who lectures at the University of Toronto, spoke, “It is essential to arbitrate international conflicts and terrorism by the help of religion.” It was further added that, “HWPL is a very organized organization, and I truly believe their works will be successful as they pursue many important matters such as peace.”

Mihai Gheorghe Nedelcu, HWPL Ambassador and Representative of the Romi Alliance in Europe, said, “I really feel that God is helping Chairman Lee. We plan to erect a Monument to Peace in Europe as a tribute to HWPL’s peace movement.”

He also emphasized, “I am convinced that Chairman Lee’s pursuance of DPCW will certainly become successful. He has already shown the world with many unbelievable activities. HWPL has an amazing organization, and there are many people around the globe like the Romi Alliance who support HWPL’s activities, which will eventually be accomplished.”

◆“Active Promotion of the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War into International Law”

Unlike many other peace conferences where there simply are no solutions provided, the event hosted by HWPL and IWPG bore fruits of answers.

Looking at the reactions of all the participants, it was not so difficult to realize that the sincere peace movements of HWPL were the main source.

Two separate conferences were hosted on the September 19th,the last day of the event, by HWPL and IWPG, respectively: the Implementation of DPCW, and the Women Leader’s Network Forum.

Yeonsook Lee, Former Minister of Women’s Affairs of Korea, presented on this day and took note, “I was amazed by the genuine passion of IWPG members and organization. Moreover, the sincere hope for peace in return for nothing was just genuine and truthful.”

Ladi Agyer Madaki, a Nigerian Women lawyer of the International alliance stated, “It was such an emotional Forum, and was a precious time as I was able to learn an answer as to how women can also participate inthe peace movement.”

She shared her plans that, “I plan to build a connection between IWPG and the International Women’s Bar Association so that the lawyers in each of the countries can actively endorse to sign forthe Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW). I will also help encourage both women and Nigerian students to participate in the peace activities.”

Amarjit Kaur Doowa, a spritual leader from Brahma Kumaris University in Thailand, emphasized, “It was a great Forum which everyone could deeply feel the power of IWPG. Once I return back to Thailand, I will share my experience with religious and political leaders so that they could all sign the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), and even for them to endorse the signing of the DPCW together.”  

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