“With the power of 3.6 billion women to immediately realize the Peace”
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[2nd WARP Summit] “With the power of 3.6 billion women to immediately realize the Peace”

▲ IWPG Chairwoman Nam-Hee Kim and Mr. Man-Hee Lee- Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) ⓒ천지일보(뉴스천지)

Korean [IWPG포럼] “36억 여성 힘으로 ‘전쟁종식 국제법 제정’ 속히 이루자”

2016 IWPG Network Forum

1000 Women Leaders
“Fulfilling world peace with
the mind of a mother”

[Cheonji-ilbo(H.E. Times)=Jang, Su-Kyung] World Women leaders gathered together on September 19th to urge forthe implementation of the international law for peace and cessation of war and also for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

There is an unusual interest on the movement of the female leaders, as tensions are highly elated in the international community with the continuous acts of terror as well as a series of missile tests by North Korea.

Almost a thousand Women leaders across the globe gathered at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Hotel,urging for the“Implementation of international law for peace and cessation of war in order to fulfill world peace” at the ‘IWPG Network Forum.’

With the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit, the Forum was organized by the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) under the theme, ‘The Role of 3.6 Billion Women in Realizing Peace and Cessation of War’.

The Forum was attended by nearly 1,000 prominent leaders from Korea and abroad including Mrs.TeiraengMaamau, First Lady of Kiribati, Ms.EditaTahiri, Minister for Dialogue of the Government of Kosovo, and 100 university students, the next generation offemale leaders.

The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), proclaimed on the 14th of March by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), was particularly emphasized during the Forum for adoption into an international law at the United Nations to realize peace.

IWPG Chairwoman Nam-Hee Kim stated, “The unique power of women which the men don’t possess, only that mother’s mind can fulfill world peace.” She further added, “The humanity that first experiences warmness is the mother”.

Chairwoman Kim mentioned that the maternal instinct of women is the fundamental element to keep all children safe from hazard and is the solution to creating peace.

She stated, “Women have a unique power of leading humanity into peace” and that “If half of the world’s population is women, humanity will not be able to witness peace without making use of women’s potentials.”

Presentations were followed by Chairman Man-Hee Lee of HWPL, Edita Tahiri (Minister for Dialogue of the Government of Kosovo), Yeonsook Lee (Former Minister of Women’s Affairs of Korea) and Leokadiia Gerasymenko (President of the Women’s Union of Ukraine).

Chairman Man-Hee Lee of HWPL addressed the 1,000 participants in the Forum, “Leaders at this place must become the key of peace that opens the hearts of 3.6 billion women globally, and those 3.6 billion women must continue to open the hearts of the political leaders of each country in order fulfill peace.”

Chairman Lee particularly emphasized, “When asked by the descendants what their mothers have done in their times, there will be no answer more valuable than letting them know that their mothers have worked hand-in-hand with IWPG to cease wars and to fulfill peace in this globe as one family.”

Minister Edita Tahiri of the Government of Kosovo followed, “My country has suffered a tragic experience of ethnic genocide. In that sense, my people and I earnestly feel the significance of war and the need for peace.” She further explained, “I have no doubt of the success of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) because many policies forget about the people, however this Declaration remembers the people.”

Having experienced the tragedy of the Korean War herself at the age of 14, Yeonsook Lee (Former Minister of Women’s Affairs of Korea) shared her brief emotional reunion with her elder sister at the age of 80 thanks to the help of the Red Cross Society.

She emphasized, “The reunification of Korea—the only divided nation in the world—is the key challenge to world peace. 3.6 billion women, who have produced half of the world’s population, must take the initiatives to end wars and achieve global peace.”

Leokadiia Gerasymenko, President of the Women’s Union of Ukraine, expressed the hardships both women and children are going through after the war in Ukraine.

She stated, “Approximately 2 million children’s lives are under threat. A few thousand of those children have become orphans as a result of the war. Ukraine hopes this situation resolves in a peaceful manner. Therefore we support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).”

100 new members from 6 countries were appointed to the ‘IWPG Peace Committee’ after the Forum on this day. The Committee hereafter will continue to promote IWPG peace activities such as urging for theimplementation of international law for peace and cessation of war.

Ladi Agyer Madaki, a Nigerian Women lawyer of the International alliance, who attended the Conference shared her plans.“Once I return back to Nigeria, I will build a connection between IWPG and the Nigerian Bar Association so that the lawyers in Nigeria could actively endorse to sign for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.”

IWPG is a NGO which was established to protect the valuable lives of human beings and to pass on to successive generations an invaluable inheritance of a world free of wars. IWPG has over 200 branches worldwide today, and cooperates with approximately 100 organizations on peace activities.

▲ IWPG Ambassador Appointment Ceremony was carried out in the IWPG Network Forum on September 19th at theGrand InterContinental Seoul Parnas. Appointed ambassadors and IWPG Chairwoman Nam-Hee Kim are taking a commemorative photograph.ⓒ천지일보(뉴스천지)

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