① Grieving from terror and war
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[global news CheonJi] ① Grieving from terror and war

▲ Syrian refugee boy Ahmad Faleh, 3, plays outside his family's tent at an informal settlement near the Syrian border on the outskirts of Mafraq, Jordan, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015. (Newsis Photo)

Korean ▶ [global news CheonJi] ① 테러·전쟁에 시름하는 지구촌… “평화를 주소서”

The disaster of "religion and weapon” made by human

Terror and conflicts occurring in all over the global community is worsening. At the break of the new year in some countries few dozens of people were executed due to the conflicts between religions and the scapegoat of terror and war are continuously occurring everyday. Refugees in the war zones are not even able to receive relief supplies and leading an horrific life like hell.

◆Continuation of the sad news related to the terror and wars

On January 2nd, the Saudi Arabian government a regional hegemon of the Middle East let out the news of executing 47 including a Shiite leader Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

and kindled the fire of the conflict in the Middle East.

Protest against Saudi Arabia was uprised in Islam states right away, and the Iranian citizens attacked and put fire on Saudi embassy. In response to this, Saudi Arabia cut its diplomatic relationship with Iran and the allies of Saudi Arabia cut the relationship with Iran on after another to show its alliance.

The worry of international society heightened if the coalition in the Middle East against the IS- the Islam extremist armed group which commits murder under the name of a religion- has weakened because of this incident. The IS can be seen as the leading group of all terrorists around the world. The IS has put the whole world into a state of terror as it continued on with terrors which do not indiscriminate targets and places such as the terror on Charlie Hebdo, Paris, Gunmen attack on Corinthia Hotel in Libya, Tunisia museum attack, Yemen mosque bombing, Russian private plane crash etc.

As the IS became more notorious, the support from Islam extremest has expanded. Nagiria's Boko Haram, Wilayat Sinai in the Sinai peninsula of Egypt, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Jemaah Islamiyah etc. swore their royalty towards the IS.

Last June, 2014 the IS declared itself its establishment of a state and beheaded a reporter with the United States' nationality and broadcasted the video clip. Afterwords, it killed the prisoners of wars from USA, GB, Russia, Japan and China. The method of killing was beyond imagination; beheading, gunshooting, burning, drowning, falling tec. One member publicly executed his own mother, which is an immorality crime because she recommended him to come out from the IS. Violation of human rights is also very serious. Last June, a 14-year-old child was electrically tortured and a 5-month-old infant was killed and a female child of Yazidis, a minority nation in Iraq, was raped. It is also known that kinapping, raping, and human trafficking of Yazidis women are rampant. Syrian Observatory For Human Rights announced that it has reached about 2000 civilians who the IS executed for the last one-and-a-half years from July 2014.   

By Kang Soo-Kyoung

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