② The Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow of The Korean Wave
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[global news CheonJi] ② The Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow of The Korean Wave

▲ Saemaul (New Village) Morning-Cleaning (1976). (Newsis Photo)

Korean ▶ [global news CheonJi] ② ‘한류’ 대한민국의 어제 오늘 그리고 내일

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◆The Cultural Korean Wave Blooms

The Republic of Korea successfully led the restoration of industry after the war through the citizens' effort. Since they were running forward, they were able to achieve rapid industrialization. However, it is true that there were shortages in cultural activities due to attempting to improve quality of life. As the people of Korea restored stability back into their lives, they turned their eyes to culture. As a creative nation, they began to gain prominence among the world in terms of their culture.

Among them, Korea's pop-culture industry, which started to grow from the 1980s can be pointed out. Korea successfully held the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. Afterwards, it achieved a rapid growth in music, films, games, etc. It is a strong country of Information Technology (IT). It stands out in terms of internet capabilities, cell phones, electronic goods, etc. These all contributed to bringing knowledge of Korea to many different countries in the world.

Especially in the 1990s, Korea's TV "dramas" were a sensational hit in China and initiated the Korean wave. Afterwards, in the late 1990s, Korean pop music became hits in Asia. Later in the 2000's, it took the lead in America, Europe, and the whole world.

Only a few decades ago, Korea was a small country of a remote land whose name was unfamiliar. Now, it has been coined as the "cultural powerhouse Korea" with fans all around the world who are Korean drama and K-pop music enthusiasts.

▲ 2014 October 7th, in front of the statue of King Sejong, in Sejong-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, about 50 participants from 10 cities and 8 countries who have reached the finals of 2014 K-Pop Cover-Dance Festival are flash-mop dancing to the K-Pop music.  (Newsis Photo)

◆Korea, those who will lead the civilization of the mind

Korea, the country praised by great scholars around the world. Labindranat Tagor, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913, praised it through the poem, "The Lamp of the East." "In the golden age of Asia, Korea was one of its lamp-bearers. And that lamp is waiting to be lit once again for the illumination of the East!" In addition, Master Gong in "Gyesajeon" revealed that "Gan (艮) is a trigram that symbolizes the Northeast and this is the place where all creation yield fruits. It is a place that simultaneously ends the old and starts a new beginning. Therefore, the ideal providence for creation of the Lord and Creator is being achieved in Ganbang." Here, the Ganbang is the East, North of China, which symbolizes Korea.

Also, from long ago, there is the word "Dotonggunja" that is traced back from the ancient times of the Korean nation. This signifies "the one who communicates with heaven by understanding the will of heaven and all creation." In other words, now the age of the material civilization, the symbol of the Western civilization, goes. And the civilization of mind, the symbol of the civilization of the East, is coming. The country which will lead this civilization of mind is Korea, the country where "Dotonggunjas" are gathered.

Here, the civilization of mind means the new era, the era where "the era of the moral principles," "the mind of righteousness rules the world." In other words, where "heavenly culture" rules the world, not the culture of the earth.

"Soon the world will be ruled by north eastern Asia. Furthermore, the country will be Korea, not China, nor Japan. The reason is because China does not acknowledge religion. Japan, even though they acknowledge it, they believe in evil spirits. However, Korea from before, is the country with strong piety that believes in and follows heaven." These are the words of Paul Kennedy, the renowned historian of the United States of America.       

By Baek Eun-Young

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