① The Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow of The Korean Wave
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[global news CheonJi] ① The Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow of The Korean Wave

▲ Relaxing refugees in Suwon. While refugees are gathered in front of the Suwon castle, some are taking a rest. The locals seem to be peaceful for a while (1951).(Jeong Seong-Gil) ⓒ천지일보(뉴스천지)

Korean ▶ [global news CheonJi] ① ‘한류’ 대한민국의 어제 오늘 그리고 내일

The only country in history recorded to be the nation that was able to have flowers bloom from a trash can
"Cultural powerhouse Korea” with fans all around the world who are Korean drama and K-pop music enthusiasts

"Could a rose blossom within a trash can?" stated Bengaril Menon, the Indian representative of United Nations Korea Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA). He was sent to help Korea when it was in absolute poverty and ruins due to the Korean War that began on 25 June 1955. The country with no natural resources to stand again, the country only left in despair, these were the perspectives of many countries around the world who gazed upon Korea after the war. However, their predictions were drastically wrong and the Republic of Korea was the only country in history recorded to be the nation that was able to have flowers bloom from a trash can.

◆"Standing high”: From the Poorest Country to the Great Economic Power

The GNP was 50 dollars per person. Korea was the poorest country in the world after the war. Even Douglas MacArthur evaluated it and said, “There is no future in this country. This country will not be restored after 100 years." However, today, after 60 years, Korea is placed 11th in the world economy (2015, ranking based on GDP). It has rapidly grown and can stands tall in the world.

The restoration of industry after the war was rebuilt together by the government and citizens of the Republic of Korea. It surprised the world by achieving rapid industrialization. The “New Village Movement” was the pan-national, community development movement that started in 1970 to expand the whole country from simple businesses to the development of rural communities. It developed the nation, and the modernization movement spread entirely throughout Korea's society. The New Village Movement was based on the mind of diligence, self-help, and self-reliance. This became the motivation that allowed Korean society in the 70's to accomplish miraculous economic development.

The reason why Korea, the land that was in ruins and had depleted natural resources, was able to restore itself at such a rapid pace was because of the faith seen in the phrase, "We can do it." The post-war generation put forth effort in the form of blood and sweat. They are those who sacrificed themselves.

Koreans have the will to be, and believe they will surely be successful. It is the nation that believes that there is nothing impossible if the people join together. It is the mindset that all the citizens held that saved the country from crisis. This indomitable will and spirit have become a model for many countries in the world. These have made the groundwork for the Korean wave of industry and economy several decades ago.

By Baek Eun-Young

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