“Bringing an end to the corrupted Religion that brings war… and becoming one for peace”
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[WARP] “Bringing an end to the corrupted Religion that brings war… and becoming one for peace”

▲ Chairman Man Hee Lee of Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light.

“If we truly want to fulfill world peace, we must first make religion into one”

Just as anyone would know, serious conflicts arise around the world because of religion. If there is a problem even a famous politician can’t solve, it is a religious conflict. To put it into other words, the biggest stumbling block to world peace is the meaning of “Religion.” However, Chairman Man Hee Lee says because the nature of religion is ‘peace’, we must fulfill it.

“I declare peace. However, there are those whose declare war instead.”

This was said in concern because there are those who don’t see the activities of the HWPL Chairman Lee leads in a positive light. Chairman Lee claims he wants peace even to a point he forgets about himself and is putting forth all his strength to run for it. From Chairman Lee’s words “I hope even one word can be of help (to fulfilling peace)”, we can feel his earnestness.

If one does not have the thoughts to fulfill something, there is no possibility of fulfilling it. His heart of the fact he will definitely fulfill peace, truly brings many results wherever he goes.

“What can we leave to our future generation? Isn’t it peace? Shall we leave behind war, the tearing and killing of each other?” with this proclamation, he has brought about the Peace treaty in the Island of Mindanao of Philippines. That is the region where the forces of Islam and Catholicism have fought, shedding blood. Chairman Lee has gathered many individuals to the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit. He declared that “Religion must become one.” The corrupted religion prevents peace, and becomes the reason war breaks out.

Even during the speech at this event, he pointed out that “it is a dishonor to God to create conflict with each other.” And he mentioned the nature of Religion and said “The true God does not bring about conflicts which kill people.” He has appealed to the world of religion to “Become one now” because it has brought about conflicts, showing evidence of its corruption.

With the religious leaders signing in the peace agreement, he has said that “The world of peace, where there is no war or evil, will be fulfilled” and “Even the Creator God has worked for this day today.” In other words, ‘Peace’ is not his own idea, but it is the will of God in today’s era, and he is only playing his role as an instrument. The total number of his voyages abroad until this World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit is fourteen. He has not stopped moving his feet to meet the leaders in foreign countries. The political and religious leaders who participated this event despite of their tight schedules are supporting the peace movements of Chairman Lee very enthusiastically.

The solution for the peace that Chairman Lee speaks of is to make a clause about “cessation of war” in international law and to make the presidents of all countries sign this peace agreement. To achieve this goal, he has met current and former presidents as well as supreme justices and has been proclaiming that “A clause about cessation of war must be made in international law.” He said “young adults who are born in the same world as us are being sacrificed at wars even before their lives begin to bloom.” He strongly insisted “UN, former presidents, and current heads of state must put the ‘cessation of war’ in the international law and must sign on it.

In addition, in January of this year, Chairman Lee played a major role in bringing an end to a forty-year conflict in the island of Mindanao in the south region of the Philippines and became the hottest topic, having the Philippines national broadcast station PTV and the biggest private broadcast Station ABS-CBN focused on him. The last month, He has been recognized for his merit for the peace movement and has received the award for “World Peace Advocate” award from the Chinese National Political Consultative Conference Vice Jang Mei Yeng at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

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