‘One Voice’ Shouting for Peace
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[WARP] ‘One Voice’ Shouting for Peace

No religion, race, or thought could extinguish the fervor of the attendees.
The amazement came from the fact that all people could be gathered in unity for one purpose: the fulfillment of peace. (The attendees) expressed their confidence that peace would be made possible after seeing the world peace summit. The following content gathers the voices of the guest speakers who shout in unison, “Now is the time for the Alliance of all Religions and achievement of peace.”

◆Emil Constantinescu Former President of Romania/ President of ICD

“I am greatly moved by the heavenly culture, all must learn from what was never thought of…”
“For global security, we must have a new culture. We must have a tool to promote dialogue and build up mutual trust within our community. I was greatly moved by the heavenly culture that aims to create a new culture of peace. This a something which no researcher, scholar or delegate could ever even think. This tool is what must be taught and shared to all. For this reason a leader must be selected, all must listen to his voice, and spread the news.”

◆Antonio Ledesma Archbishop of Mindanao, Philippines

“The Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light is a ‘great light’ which will enable us to unite. We must spread the heavenly culture to the world…”

“The Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light is a strong light that guides us. This organization allowed us to gather in one purpose transcending all religions, thoughts, races, cultures, societies, and economics. Just as Chairman Lee came to Mindanao, the rest of the world must also work together through the heavenly culture. Heavenly culture must begin with us.”

◆Tawakkol Karman - Nobel Peace Prize Winner

“We as believers of one creator must have the same faith…”
“The root of conflict and war do not necessarily stem from religion itself, however, from the extremists and misinterpretations of one’s own religion. If we truly love peace, just as Chairman Lee has mentioned, we must all have the same faith. We all believe in the same God. This was the first time in my life since I have seen such an immense conference. I request for Chairman Lee’s insightful plans to be shared even more with other non-governmental organizations so more conferences like this one will be held in the future.”

◆Kgalema Motlanthe – Former President of South Africa

“The international conference of alliance of religions, great opportunity for all souls to unite.”
“Through dialogue, promoted by the peace conference, mutual understandings will be enhanced. In order for peace to be achieved, dialogue is needed, and only when separation of all religions no longer exists, peace can be achieved. One must be aware that the cause of societal conflicts and many other issues stem from religion. However, the international summit of Alliance of Religions is a great opportunity for all souls to unite together.”

◆Stipe Mesić - Former President of Croatia

“Religious leaders must come together not for their own thoughts or authority but to spread peace and security”
“The international conference was a great opportunity for people to come together in dialogue and unify all thoughts in going against war and promoting peace. Religious leaders must not work for their own thoughts or authority but for peace and security.”

◆Gaudencio Rojalles - Cardinal of Manila, Philippines

“The most important goal in the history of humanity: world peace”
“The reason why we have gathered together in this World Alliance of Religions Peace summit is to achieve peace. Peace is in our hands. The greatest goal a person can have is fulfilling peace, it is what is most important in the history of humanity. However, peace cannot be achieved in absence of love. We must first love one another (within religion) just as the word of God.”

◆Bertie Ahern- Former Taoiseach of Ireland

“Although we can speak of peace with our words, it is difficult to take action.”
“The fact that many religious leaders have gathered together in discussion of peace shows that this conference was an exceptional event. HWPL is rightfully merited for their efforts. Although many can speak of peace, it is difficult to take action. However, it is made possible when all overcome the boundaries made by race, religion, ethnicity and one’s own thoughts.

◆Singh Sahib Giani Gurbachan Sigh Head Granthi (Priest) of Golden Temple

“Education must be given to surpass the boundaries of religion, culture, and conflict and differences within religions”
“Some people use religion as a tool for politics or terror. This is not to be accepted, and we cannot make a world around a culture of disputes. Any mechanism that arouses persecution against any nation or religion must come to an end. All religious leaders must give education which will help to pass over the boundaries made within religions.”

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