Man Hee Lee initiates for the attainment of peace in Mindanao
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Man Hee Lee initiates for the attainment of peace in Mindanao

Philippines PTV reporter interview

[NewsCheonji=Song Tae-Bok] Q1. What's the meaning of the peace agreement of Mindanao Catholic - Islamic by Chairman-Lee?

-The Mindanao Peace agreement is a courageous and or distinct plan in achieving peace in Mindanao. It really meant a lot to us Filipinos especially to the people in Mindanao. The realization that there should be unity in religions is really great and made the representatives from different religions think of their distinctive role to play in having peace. It also means that there are people and or organization (Mr. Lee and HWPL) who really thought of bringing an end to not just war but all the things that is the end result of war like being uneducated, traumatized by war, malnutrition and poverty.

Q2. Chairman-Lee is not a government person but could we evaluate because of him mindanao accomplish the peace?

- Mr. Lee is not a politician, and he is not from Mindanao but his advocacy for peace paved the way for him to reach Mindanao and initiate for the attainment of peace in the region. His intention in achieving peace in a war stricken area is seen as real and coming from his heart unlike politicians and government leaders who just talk about peace just to gain fame and win the heart of voters especially now that there is only 11 months left before the May 2016 national and local elections.

Q3. Recently Chairman Man Hee Lee invited by the residents of Mindanao island. They made a HWPL DAY. Repesentatives of Catholic - Islamic are gave the appreciation to Chairman Lee. How do you think about this result?

-The recently concluded HWPL Day or Mindanao Peace Summit is a clear manifestation that peace is attainable if we really want to make it happen. Seeing the huge number of participants in a war stricken area in Mindanao was really awesome, people there usually fears to express what they feel or their sentiments but seeing them freely walking with advocacy for peace with Mr. Lee means that there bondage to fear and war is coming to an end. They gained the courage to take a stand on what they think is right maybe because someone like Mr. Lee didn't fear of coming to Mindanao and fight for them. The appreciation they gave Mr. Lee is a strong indication of their great gratitude for his work for peace. Indeed, peace is not impossible, it's attainable.

Q4. Plz say anything to the People who want to know the Chairman Lee's peace achievement of Mindanao.

-My message is that they should have a clear mind and heart on this matter. Instead of criticizing and denying Mr. Lee's accomplishments in attaining world peace they should instead appreciate the efforts of Mr. Lee and just work hand in hand with his advocacy for world peace.

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