Daegu-Gyeongbuk Branch of Shincheonji Volunteer Group Held ‘The 6thLoveforAllNation&SharingofPeace’Successfully
Daegu-Gyeongbuk Branch of Shincheonji Volunteer Group Held ‘The 6thLoveforAllNation&SharingofPeace’Successfully
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21일 오후 대구시 중구 2·28기념공원에서 신천지자원봉사단 대구경북연합이 주최하는 '제6회 나라사랑 평화나눔' 행사가 열린 가운데 '지구촌 평화광복을 위하여' 부스에서 내빈들이 도슨트를 통해 세계평화의 획기적인 답인 (사)하늘문화세계평화광복의 '지구촌전쟁종식선언문(DPCW)'에 대한 내용을 듣고 있다. (제공 :신천지자원봉사단 대구경북연합)

Held an event for hoping for peaceful reunification at the 2.28 Memorial Park in Daegu
 Signed a MOU between Daegu-Gyeongbuk branch and Committee of the Five northern Korean Provinces
 Displayed various booths to remind the importance of peace

[Daily Cheonji = Reporter Lee Ji Sol] ShincheonjiVolunteer Daegu-Gyeongbuk branch (branch manager Choir MyeongSeok) said on 29th that they held an event called 'The 6th Love for all nations & Sharing of Peace' at the 2.28 Memorial Park on the 21st of July in Jung-gu, Deagu.

This event which was hosted by Shincheonji Volunteer Group and sponsored by Committee of the Five northern Korean Provinces, the Korean War Veterans Association, Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Yak Myeong Temple was planned to honor the noble spirits of veterans who devoted their lives to the country and to welcome new era of peace and restoration of light without wars and conflicts..

The event was attended by about 1,000 people composed of VIP’s and Daegu citizens including Choi MyeongSeok (Shincheonji Volunteer Group’s Daegu-Gyeongbuk branch manager), Yeom Gil Soon, Daegu office’s manager of Committee of the Five northern Korean Provinces, Lee Sang Woo (Gyungju branch leader of Korea Disabled Veterans Organization), Kim Sang Do (Gumi branch leader of the Korean War Veterans Association), Chairman Chu SeungYeoup Committee of Korean distinguished military exploit medalist Chungdo Branch.

On that day, Shincheonji Volunteer Group granted Peace Award and Achievement Award to 3 people including Hwang Tong Joo who is manager of Cheongdo-gun volunteer center and became a role model serving for country and people in spite of sacrificing himself.

Hyo Jin monk leader of (Corp.) Patriots Buddhism Maitreya Headquartersgave a congratulatory message by saying, “Wars are still taking place even though there have been many people who cried out for peace in spite of 103 people and 22 organizations were granted Nobel Peace Prize.

In order for a tragedy like 6.25 Korean War not to happen again, we have to achieve world peace and cessation of war in Koran Peninsula and the world. It will be possible if we all become united.”

Shin Yong Suk (a vice-president of Gumi branch of the Korean War Veterans Association) said in his encouragement speech, “It is time to achieve Korean Peninsula unification together beyond nation, race, religion and various stratum of society. I hope this kind of event to be a platform for harmony of citizens that passes down a war-free beautiful globe to our future generations by accumulating desires for peace.”

Choi Myung Seok, Daegu-Gyeongbuk branch manager of Shincheonji Volunteer Group, said, “If we all participate together in peace and strive to spread the culture of peace, the era of global coexistence will never be far away. In honor of the deceased patriots’ spirits who sacrificed themselves to protect the country and peace, I hope that the future of peace will come to reality as soon as possible through this event that gathers our desires for the world of peace. ”

On this day, especially, Daegu-Gyeongbuk branch of Shincheonji Volunteer Group, Committee of the Five northern Korean Provinces and other numerous stratums of society had time to strengthen their abilities as leaders of peace by signing on MOU for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula and world peace through mutual exchange and establishing a cooperation system.

We gathered hope for peace performing shamanism performance showing content of ‘let’s make peace recalling Korean War.’ And ‘We are One’ performed by Cheong Pung cheering team showing content of ‘let’s achieve peace together with people in the world become one.

In addition, they displayed various booths that helped citizens to realize the importance of peace, including ▲ For peace and restoration of globe ▲‘Look into the Korean War’ Korean War Photo Exhibition ▲‘Peace in my heart’ making loop-tie button ▲ Peace face-painting · caricature ▲ Making Taegeukgi book · Dokdo Island claying ▲ Mugunghwa, a flower of peace, etc.

Meanwhile, Shincheonji Volunteer Group is helping the community in various fields such as medical care, culture, veterans, education, etc. They have continually held ‘Love for all nations & Sharing of Peace’ event for 6 years with gratitude to the sacrifices of the patriotic martyrs and the spirits of the deceased patriots and to the efforts from war veterans.


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