"If you are curious about Revelation?", come to the Bible seminar held by Shincheonji Thaddaeus church.
"If you are curious about Revelation?", come to the Bible seminar held by Shincheonji Thaddaeus church.
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Shincheonji church, letting people know the truenature.

"To let you know the true nature of Shincheonji church' held at Daegu Pohang church on 26~27th of April

[Daily Cheonji = Reporter Lee Ji Sol] Shincheonji Church of Jesus, The Temple of the Tabernacle (Shincheonji church, Chairman Man Hee Lee) is proceeding the Bible seminar around 15 times across the nation during April.

Shincheonji church Thaddaeus tribe (leader of tribe, Myeong Seok Choi) which is based in Daegu and Gyeongbuk provinces announced that they will hold a seminar on 'the fulfillment of New Testament Book of Revelation and the book of Revelation in general' on 26th and 27th of April in Daegu and Pohang with the theme of 'looking at the book of Revelation which is a definite secret of heaven.'.

According to the host, this seminar was established for believers who desire heaven and for ordinary citizens to inform the true nature of Shincheonji church through the Bibledelivering the real meaning of Revelation which contains the secret of heaven.

The curiosity regarding the Bible in general which is from Genesis to Revelation will be solved based on 5 Ws and H at the seminar which includes ▲the secret of the New Covenant regarding heaven, ▲history of God for 6,000 which is the secret of Genesis and Revelation, ▲tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and ▲the sign of the end of the age & the faith we should have.

In addition, there will booths to properly recognize Shincheonji church which includes ▲history and growth of Shincheonji church, ▲community contribution and peace activities of Shincheonji volunteer, ▲the process to operate Zion Christian Mission center, ▲doctrine compared to existing churches and ▲main press released.

The officials of Shincheonji church said "Anyone who has a question about the Bible, who wants to know the real meaning of the book of Revelation and who wants to listen to the doctrine regarding the book of Revelation can participate in the seminar. After May, there will be a constant seminar to inform the correct interpretation of the Bible in order to resolve spiritual hunger and thirst.

The seminar will be held at Shincheonji Daegu church (81 Daemyeong Rd. Namgu Daegu, 070-4441-5975) and Bukgu center of Shincheonji Pohang church (4th Fl. Dongyang Bldg. 231 Jungheung Rd. Bukgu Pohang, 070-4441-6018). You can call office number if you have any question.

There have been thousands of people who came to Shincheonji Bible seminar. Shincheonji Matthias tribe Daejeon church which had the first seminar on 12th of April had 5,000 attendance followed by 4,000 attendance at Peter tribe Songha church in Gwangju on 14th and 2,000 attendance at Andrewtribe Andrew church in Busan on 20th, confirming the word in the Bible and resolving the curiosity about the Bible.

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