[WARP] Reaction of International Reporters
[WARP] Reaction of International Reporters
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80 Countries, 150 Press, 250 Foreign Reporters All Report “Historical Site”
“Fortunate to be able to cover this story at the start of the new era of peace” 

The World Summit held on the 15th 54 national press companies and 60 national reporters attend. After the press conference, ‘WARP Summit’ topped the search results at the main portal.

An estimated 80 countries and 200 reporters from 100 international press, including CNN Arabic and US NBC, visited the scene. It is predicted internatioanl press will have a big role in the cessation of war and the achievement of world peace as described in the Peace Agreement during the WARP Summit.

“Mr. Lee’s idea is very moving” Al Shouli from CBSP.fr, media that is actively covering the conflict in Palestine and throughout the Middle East. “It is very important for all mankind that people, despite differences in religion, race, areas, and gender, have come together for the sole purpose of the cessation of war and world peace.” he emphasized. “The Warp Summit is the start of a new era of peace. I am fortunate to be able to physically be present to cover this story” he added. “In particular, peace must occur in the Korean peninsula.” he mentioned and finished by said that “I will spread this word of peace through every media outlet involved.”

Bob Dodson of the US NBC Today’s Show said, “Word of Mr. Lee’s activities was knownin the United States and people were involved in the Summit with great interest.” He also said “Mr. Lee’s message regarding the cessation of war and the start of peace to the presidents and heads of religious groups was very memorable.”

Kennedy, a reporter from Kenya’s broadcast KBC said, “It was a very meaningful event where politicians and religious leaders came together to sign the Peace Agreement.” “This Peace Agreement with play a huge role in the achievement of world peace.” he added with hope.

Reporter Elizabeth Kachin of Philippine’s broadcast PTV, who reported Chairman Lee’s greatest achievement to date, including peace among the people of Mindanao said, “after the Peace Agreement set forth by Mr. Lee, the atmosphere of peace is slowly spreading throughout Mindanao.” “If it is with Mr. Lee, cessation of war and world peace will be fulfilled.” she said. 




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