[WARP] Seeing is Believing… Breath-Taking Scenery of Peace
[WARP] Seeing is Believing… Breath-Taking Scenery of Peace
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▲ In the last event of the opening ceremony, VIPs from all over the world stepped down to the stadium field for the parade, sharing in their excitement from the festival. The seated spectators were HWPL members who used their cell phones to decorate the dark stadium with bright and brilliant lights.

Thousands of people gathered to display the emblem of HWPL on the grass field of Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

The card section performance of 12,000 people displayed the phrase, ‘We are One,’ expressing the united world through the heavenly culture which coincides with the theme of this opening event. The opening ceremony delivered the message that we can achieve peace when all religions come together as one without conflict, just as there is one will of the Creator.

Painful and horrific scenes of war and the loss of family and friends were also depicted in images by the card section performance. “Who benefits from war?” followed and further raised awareness that war is not beneficial. The card section performance held the long phrases without fault and hesitation. They displayed the message of peace in Korean and English to the attendees and spectators.

At sunset was the peace performance of Arirang. The card section displayed a moving flame of fire while the dancing artists robed with red Korean traditional clothing beautifully performed the Korean traditional folksong, Arirang.

“Arirang Arirang Aririyo/ cross over the pass, entering the new kingdom of peace/ Arirang Arirang Aririyo/ will live in the world of peace, forever more.”

From the darkness in Jamsil Stadium, tens of thousands of lights like stars shone from the spectators’ seats. The closing event was a parade where the organizers and VIPs stepped down to the stadium field, dancing in rhythm, joining the Korean traditional band. They united their hearts to achieve world peace.

▲ 12,000 people from the card section performance expressing HWPL’s message, ‘Let’s end the conflict and achieve peace, just as the will of the Creator is one.’


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