[WARP] “The flower-like lives of Children, Mothers need to Protect!”
[WARP] “The flower-like lives of Children, Mothers need to Protect!”
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▲ Nam-Hee Kim, Chairwoman of International Women’s Peace Group.

Plenty of mothers have lost their children due to endless war. However, nobody was able to revive flower-like lives of their children. Because the pain of losing children should no longer be felt by mothers, International Woman’s Peace Group, under HWPL, are working together so Women can take action to protect their children from wars.

In the back workings of Chairwoman Nam-Hee Kim’s establishment of the International Women’s Peace Group, there was Mr. Man Hee Lee’s peace walks. Kim explained “Even if there is an answer for peace, it is meaningless if peace is unable to be shared with others. Therefore, Mr. Lee has traveled the world 14 times to meet people and sow the seed of peace. I am a witness to have seen this miracle of peace.” She also mentioned “I truly wish for everyone to see and verify the same thing I have.”

Kim implied that “Despite of countless peace activities throughout human history, war and its anguish have been repeated with no end, even though we are able to send a relief to the victims of floods. Perfect peace of humanity has never existed.” She strongly stated, “We shall establish the age of the true peace through this World Summit that possesses all the necessary tools for World Peace.”

The source of peace she refers to is the family of HWPL who are achieving real peace, all leaders of each field including politics, religion, press, and media of the world who are announcing the message of peace without missing it. In other words, every single person who wishes to fulfill peace is important.

Chairwoman Kim emphasized that “Everyone who participated this World Summit signed in the Peace Agreement to become a peace advocate. It might look like this Peace Agreement, a single sheet of paper, has no meaning at all, but it contains the immense power to fulfill peace within it.”

Anchor of NBC Today’s show from America, Bob Dotson made comments during his interview with his station, “ I was sincerely touched by the words of chairwoman Kim saying Women stand together for the World Peace and cessation of war with the heart of mothers to protect their children.” 

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